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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Universal apps would reach iOS 12 in September

Apple has long been working on iOS 12, the next version of its operating system and in recent days everything indicates that it does so intensively. And is that rumors and leaks have begun to appear everywhere. The last of them speaks of the fact that with the new software version the universal applications will also arrive .

This type of applications, which for example already exist in Microsoft's Windows ecosystem , would allow the same application to run on iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad, and on macOS devices, among which we find MacBooks and iMac.

This type of applications are really "comfortable" and especially productive for users because they can use the same application, with the same environment and the same functionalities, when changing devices. For example, we can work from our MacBook anywhere and continue to do it from the iPhone when getting on public transport. Focusing on entertainment will also be an almost perfect combination.

So far little is known about this type of applications that could begin to fill the App Store from September , supposedly the date for the official presentation of iOS 12. Along with universal applications we could also see new animojis, and support for These emoji animated on the iPad.

Otherwise everything indicates that the guys of Tim Cook, and certainly the CEO of Apple, will focus with the new version of the operating system to solve problems and give much needed stability to iOS, which is not that it has, but that it has been losing with the passage of time and the arrival of new versions.

Do you think we can get a real benefit to the universal applications that everything indicates that will come hand in hand with iOS 12? 

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