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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Video of an explosion of an iPhone for no apparent reason

Since the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus came out last September, incidents and reports, curiously all in the Asian continent , of explosions of these terminals recently taken to the market did not stop happening. Today we bring a document that records the explosion of another iPhone in Vietnam.

The fact, which occurred on January 25, reflects the moment in which an iPhone 6 Plus exploits in a violent manner. We do not know if at the time of occurrence the device, it was connected to a charger. What is evident is that the explosion is quite violent and could have caused a misfortune.

This fact comes to mean another incident in the long list of incidents related to the health of the devices. This month we have known of an explosion of an iPhone, caused by biting , and even that of some AirPods in a gym in the United States.

The iPhone 6 Plus, which is the main model of this story, was presented in 2014 and represented a turning point in the design that Apple had been applying to its devices, as well as being the first in which a larger size of 5 inches on the screen .

Apple has not made any statements about this incident. In any case, it is always highly recommended to take some security measures when carrying out the loading of the devices . As much as possible, this should be done without a cover to avoid overheating, with chargers and certified cables that meet a minimum of safety standards.

If you have an iPhone 6 Plus do not panic, it is an isolated event and in which probably had to see some bad conditions of charge or defect in the battery, who knows if it was replaced at the time by some non-original .

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