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Thursday, 1 February 2018

What the founder of Apple hates about the iPhone X

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, is not a big fan of the new iPhone X.

Wozniak has criticized in numerous occasions the different strategies of the company of the bitten apple in relation to the hardware and software of its mobile devices. And this time, good old Woz did not want to shut up either.

Initially, Steve Wozniak criticized the iPhone X when Apple introduced it at the end of last year. Now that he has been using the terminal for a while, he says that the Cupertino firm has made some very bad decisions regarding its design ...
What does Steve Wozniak hate about the iPhone X?

Let's be clear and concise. The co-founder of Apple does not hate the "notch" or the "ears" of the next-gen smartphone. Steve Wozniak simply hates the side on and off button on the iPhone X.

    "The power button on the side will do different things if you press it quickly, or if you press it twice in a row, and another thing if you press on it a third time." 

During the past week, at the Nordic Business Forum in Stockholm (Sweden), Steve Wozniak commented that the new power button of the iPhone X is too complicated.

"I like things to be simple, intelligible and direct."

The implementation of these developments in the side button of the iPhone X are directly related to the withdrawal (we believe definitive) of the physical start button on the iPhone.

"And if you press it together with the volume button it does something else, and if you hold it down with the volume button it does something else. Simply, ugh! "

Although Steve Wozniak is not a big fan of the iPhone X and its side button, the truth is that the vast majority of consumers are very satisfied with both the design and the performance and functionality of the smartphone. What do you think? Should Apple have improved a simpler and more efficient system?

And if you've been wanting more, do not miss this funny video in which Steve Wozniak makes an unboxing of a fake iPhone X.

Source | Cult of Mac

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