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Friday, 23 February 2018

WhatsApp prepares to introduce advertising on your mobile

When WhatsApp began to establish a strategy to approach the companies we started to fear the worst in terms of the arrival of advertising to WhatsApp. In fact, from the very moment that Facebook, known for being part of the duopoly of digital advertising along with Google, we started thinking about what the largest social network could do with all the data that, suddenly and strongly, had in its power with the acquisition of WhatsApp several years ago.

Now, unfortunately, several clues remain that suggest that WhatsApp would no longer be the advertising-free messaging app we know. According to Facebook, thanks to the arrival of WhatsApp Business , companies will have the opportunity to connect with the community of users of the platform. In addition, Facebook would facilitate the possibility of offering sponsored and personalized content according to the profile of the users.

All this, of course, would be carried out thanks to the data we already share with the platform, and indirectly, with Facebook, given that to use the platform we must accept to share certain information with the social network, even though it does not let's have a profile on it. In short, we have the possibility to start receiving sponsored messages in the future, as many of us feared in the past.

Of course, this would include each and every version of the platform, regardless of the device on which we are, so that we will always be within reach of the possible bombardment of advertising by companies through our conversations. What remains to be seen now is whether or not this function will finally arrive officially, and when will we have to start holding it in order to prepare ourselves. Maybe it's time to jump to Telegram.

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