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Thursday, 1 February 2018

WhatsApp Store: the store of Stickers packs on iOS and Android

The latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android shows a curious implementation. The developers of the most popular messaging application in the world have added their own store of Stickers packs .

The WhatsApp Store will allow iOS and Android users to browse through hundreds of different Stickers and add their favorite ones in their application to use in chat conversations.

Stickers are part of the natural evolution of instant messaging applications . There are static Stickers, there are animated Stickers ... and they differ from the GIFs in a simple and simple reason: their variety allows to express many more emotions.

Applications like iMessage or Facebook Messenger already offered a service to add sticker packs in iOS and Android. In fact, with the Messages app for iPhone and iPad, the Stickers give a lot of game since they can be resized and placed anywhere in the conversation.

Now, WhatsApp joins the rest of applications in this regard, and demands its deserved leadership in the messaging apps sector.

WhatsApp Store: how does it work?

The beta version 2.18.32 of WhatsApp will show us a new button visible in the view of Stickers packs. By clicking on this button, users will have access to the WhatsApp Store.

Then, clicking on the "+" button, WhatsApp will present on the chat screen a Stickers store available in two sections: Highlights and My Stickers.

From the "Featured" tab, users will be able to see all the most interesting and popular Stickers to download in their terminals.

From the "My Stickers" tab, WhatsApp users will be able to manage those sticker packs they have previously downloaded.

Until now, it is not clear if the Stickers will be exclusively for payment or if we will also find packs in a free version . The most likely (and what usually happens in messaging apps) is that the WhatsApp Store also offers Stickers totally free.

The WhatsApp Store is still in full development and in beta , so it is not yet available on iOS or Android. But it is expected to arrive in the next updates.

Via | WaBetaInfo 

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