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Friday, 16 February 2018

Which banks and boxes in Spain are compatible with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of those services that until you try it, you do not know if it really is worth it, like the rest of the mobile payment market solutions. Although it still seems to be close to that moment when we can say goodbye to physical money, as Tim Cook wished at the last meeting of shareholders of Apple, the truth is that thanks to this function it seems that is closer than ever .

To begin with, it is the simplest form of payment , since with just a touch on the Touch ID or with a look at the TrueDepth sensor we can pay for applications with any relatively current Apple device, as well as in physical establishments with a iPhone or an Apple Watch . And not only that, it is also one of the safest thanks to the tokenization technology, with which each transaction is carried out with a unique identifier.

For these reasons and for many others, it deserves to give Apple Pay a chance, at least to pay for a piece of fruit at the nearest Carrefour. The problem is that not all banks support this system, and although the main banks such as Santander or CaixaBank are already inside, the truth is that there are still several institutions on the list, and many customers will still be wondering if their bank will belong or not to the list.

What banks and boxes are compatible with Apple Pay? 

As some of you may know, in order to use Apple Pay, the bank must agree to pay a commission to Apple for each transaction made, which in many cases throws them back in favor of other alternatives that have no cost. But in the following list you can find all banks for individuals who have an agreement with Apple, and some external financial services that also offer this possibility:

  •     Santander Bank
  •     CaixaBank and imaginBank
  •     N26
  •     OpenBank
  •     Orange Cash
  •     Boon
  •     Carrefour Pass
  •     American Express 

To this list, to which other services such as TicketRestaurant could also be added, will have to be added in the coming months entities such as EVO Bank, or Caja Rural , although these are not available today, and their future availability has simply been announced. . In any case, if you belong to any of these banks, you have the free way to start using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac with Apple Pay.

And you, do you already use Apple Pay?

Source | Manzana 

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