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Saturday, 3 February 2018

Who owns the number 648638036? we tell you everything

648638036 is a number that we must avoid at all costs. It is considered as spam and is accused of carrying out fraudulent actions. Today we will tell you what you have to do if you call you and the steps to follow to avoid it. So, if you wonder who is 648638036 today you will leave doubts.

648638036 who is

When we receive calls from this number, three things usually happen:

They will greet us and immediately afterwards we will be urged to change the telephone company. In case of refusal, the person on the other side of the phone will threaten us to continue. They are dedicated to spam calls, so be sure they will.
In other cases, noise is simply heard. Annoying noises but nobody communicates to the other side of the phone.
They just do not say anything, there's silence and they hang up. In a few minutes they will call again to repeat the pattern and thus bother us.

Now, what do we do to stop this annoyance ?, very simple. We will block calls in Android following the tutorial that we have left you. The next option is also directly not to pick up. If they realize that you do not give them a ball, they go to the next number. It may sound silly but that's the way it is; Neither should we expect many lights from people who are dedicated to this.

If they keep calling what we will do, they will be told to stop. If there are threats and this happens repeatedly, we will talk to the police. The logical and normal thing is to go over them and not give them balls, these people are like that. If they pass, they threaten seriously and so on, we will become serious and denounce it. Let's hope, also, that it does not happen.

Do you have any questions? Do you want to suggest that we do some tutorial? Do not be courted! We love knowing what you think. Get in touch with us. To end I want to thank you for your visit and encourage you to use the comment box. Either in this same article or on the Google+ social network. Without further ado, I say goodbye and wish you a happy day.

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