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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Why Apple does not go to the MWC 2018 in Barcelona

 From February 26 to March 1, Barcelona will be the global nerve center of the mobile industry . The MWC 2018 is already falling and as in each edition, we will see the main manufacturers to present the world their top of the range.

Thus, it has been confirmed that Samsung will show its Samsung Galaxy S9 , Xiaomi will do the same with the Mi Mix 2s , Nokia will confirm its return with the Nokia 9 ... but also signatures of the likes of LG, Motorola, Huawei, Alcatel or Sony will have their space to show your cards this 2018.

It is no secret that the iPhone X caused a furor this autumn and that Android have taken good note of it to implement their notch - loved and hated in equal parts - and their facial recognition. Some more discreet as Huawei or Xiaomi and others directly, flagrant clones of the flagship of the bitten apple .

Be that as it may, you will have noticed a remarkable and resounding absence : with total security, Apple will not be at MWC 2018, nor will it be at CES 2018 or any of its previous editions. Of course, does not mean that some representatives do not make appearances or even take advantage of these appointments to forge projects, as is the case of Apple's AR glasses, which were cooked at the CES 2018 .

How can it be that the firm that achieves half of the revenues generated by the mobile industry does not show up for these events? Very simple: because you can afford it .

Apple has its own strategies and needs

Apple does not need to take advantage of these events to gather the media around their presentations, because the invitations to the keynotes are so exclusive that they constitute a recognition. In the same way, it does not require that there be a technological cluster to attract public because it generates expectation per se .

Apple has its own calendar , it is common knowledge and it does not come out. Thus, we know the dates chosen in June for WWDC 2018 , where we will know iOS 12 and other gadgets and in September the highlight comes: the presentation of the 2018 iPhone .

March is another month marked in red in the calendar , because in previous years Cupertino has already released devices such as the iPhone SE, and this year it is rumored that it will present something again .

Apple goes free, something that benefits the entire industry

However, many technology lovers would love to see Apple side by side with the competition and these events would have even more impact. But it is not like that and it has its logic: the smartphone industry has acquired a balance .

In fact, to know so far in advance Apple's agenda helps the whole industry : Apple closes the year with its keynote, just in time for other manufacturers to take note of a brand with a differentiated and recognized track record for doing things well .

Almost half a year later, Android presents its inventions with a little inspiration from the reference brand. This half year is vital for the strategy of brands like Samsung .

And on the one hand they have a sufficient margin of time so that potential customers do not see the current iPhone as a novelty, and surprise for innovation . On the other hand, when Apple launches its flagships, they will have already reduced their prices and will be able to play the price tag . 

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