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Saturday, 24 February 2018

Why is it a success that less and less iPhone is sold?

After the presentation of the fiscal results of the last quarter of 2017 of Apple , we could discover that the sales of the mobile devices of the company of the bitten apple are in style. So much so, that they managed to outperform their competitors in the final period of last year.

The figures shown in the most recent analytical data reported that the iPhone has been the best-selling smartphone ahead of other companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Xiaomi. Moreover, Apple continues to get more benefits despite selling fewer terminals .

For its part, the iPad is still a leader in the tablet market today, with a market share of 26.8% ahead of Samsung and its market share of 15.2%. This implies the sale of more than 43 million units by the company of the bitten apple.

However, and for the fortune of the rest of the technology companies, between iPhone and Android they have managed to capture 99.9% of the global sales of smartphones around the world. Although, yes, the sales of smartphones continue to plummet.

Global sales of smartphones by operating system

These figures indicate the total volume of sales divided among the different mobile operating systems of the market. The data is brutal, and suggest that between iOS and Android get 99.9% of the market share. Leaving only 0.8% to the rest of the operating systems .

Global sales of smartphones by seller

Data from the Gartner market analysis company also show that smartphone sales have fallen during the last four months of 2017.

The duopoly formed between iOS and Android has made the BlackBerry and Nokia terminals completely ridiculous. And based on this information, we could say that his streak goes for long.

On the other hand, Apple continues to see its profits grow even selling fewer devices. It is true that Samsung has much more sales , but we must bear in mind that the company of the bitten apple only sells high-end smartphones. Which has a positive effect on your income.

In fact, at the level of profits, Apple outperforms the rest of its competitors by a wide margin, and that is that the Cupertino firm half of the total market revenue agency .

Via | Macrumors 

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