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Thursday, 15 February 2018

With Apple Watch alone, Apple would be one of the richest companies on the planet

What times those in which Apple focused on Macs or iPhones in their periodic reports to shareholders. Now Tim Cook is clear that services such as iCloud, apps or accessories can report some benefits to be taken into account.

And not long ago, Cook refused to detail how many Apple Watch had sold per quarter , in theory for not providing too much information to the competition. But that time has gone down in history.

The Apple Watch is already 3 years old and in this triennium has gone from launching itself to a market full of doubts to be a serious contender to take over the sector of wearables , even though from the point of view of the price, Xiaomi offers the unsurpassed MiBand or the precise sports alternatives that Garmin or Polar provide.

Little by little, the Apple Watch has been gaining market share and growing in popularity. So much so that with its third generation - and the previous two still on sale -, sales have "exploded". During the last conference with the investors, Tim Cook has taken his chest for his sales this Christmas, surpassing even his own expectations , and the entire Swiss watch industry !

So much so that, according to Cook, if there was a company that only sold their wearables, ie Apple Watch, AirPods and Beats headphones, this would be within the expected size a firm that was among the top 300 on the list Fortune . As a reference, last May this theoretical company would be among the top 500 positions.

Despite having tougher competition than ever or problems like the batterygate or the numerous bugs of iOS 11 , Apple is stronger than ever , even close to overtaking eBay or Netflix.

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