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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

With this trick of the Apple Watch you will know if you are training well

If there is something that allows us to always remember that the results are not immediate, as technology has made us believe throughout this time, it is physical activity, every sport that keeps us busy and that gives us that strong and pleasant feeling of having done something worthwhile. It is well known by all that, in this type of things, the normal thing is that our progress is a little slow , and that we are improving slowly but surely.

However, something that many do not realize is that not only the time we spend training is important. Among many other factors, it is also interesting that we look at the time it takes us to recover after each workout, which takes our heart back to its normal rhythm, which depending on our physical form, will be higher or lower, being the second case the one that suits us best when it comes to knowing if we are really having an improvement.

Of course, it is important to bear in mind that we will soon recover if we do different physical activities, so it will not always have the same importance, and we have to distinguish differences, but, in any case, we should be able to know the time of recovery if we really want to know if our body is improving or not. And for that, our best companion is the Apple Watch, thanks to one of the novelties that was included in the latest version of WatchOS.

Your heart rate, more detailed than ever in watchOS 4 

As you know, in watchOS 4 a series of improvements were introduced when measuring heart rate, leaving behind the simple app that had the previous versions to start providing much more detailed statistics for users. However, some of them remain hidden until you use the Exercise or Breathing app, which is why they may have gone unnoticed by many of the regular users of the watch.

As you can imagine, one of those statistics is precisely the heart rate record minutes after performing any activity. In addition to the classic record that the watch makes during the exercise, now also remains active two minutes after the end of the activity in order to follow the recovery phase, which is shown with a separate section within the heart rate app.

To access this record, you must first have done any type of activity , no matter if it is a race or a light ride, and make sure that the clock has measured it correctly . In my case, for example, I have done some exercise of high intensity intervals, so my frequency has risen quite fast, so that the drop is noticeable when measuring the recovery in such a short time.

How to access the section on recovery statistics 

Once you have been exercising with your watch, then you will have to wait a couple of minutes to get the full graph, and then access the heart rate app from the clock, then go to the menu by touching the arrow on the top left . In the menu, you will have to look for the recovery section , which will be found just after the physical activity registration.

In this section of recovery you will enter a graph with the tracking that the sensor of your frequency has done after the training. You are also indicated with a small message the difference that there has been regarding the end of the activity, first one minute later, and then after two minutes. In the example I have given you, it is not as obvious as if it were a long race of several kilometers, besides that my capacity for recovery is disastrous, but you can get an idea.

Surely if you pay attention to these details after each entry, you can see much better as your body progresses , and how your heart strengthens with every minute of activity you do. Of course, remember that you must be aware of your own limits, something for which this statistic will also help you, and which we hope you always have in mind. We do not want the high-frequency clock alarm

And you, did you know this characteristic of your watch? 

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