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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

You are misusing your iPhone: 6 tricks you do not know

What we like about iOS the owners of iPhone and iPad is its fluidity, security, stability ... but also the intuitiveness of its use. And in Cupertino make the most of its interface to create many shortcuts with a simple gesture of the hand . Unfortunately, many of us do not know, but our technological life would be much simpler with them.

In cp we often publish the ones that seem most interesting to us, but we always leave one in the inkwell or simply, even though we have brought them to light for our readers, they are still little known .

So today we collect some of the most useful , so you stay with them.

Large screen, small fingers

When I switched to the iPhone 8 Plus, I discovered that my hands were simply too small to handle with him on some occasions and of course, light years away from the manageability of the SE, which I could control with just one hand.

To help us with this reality Apple has implemented "Reachability" - or Accessibility, in Spanish. That you do not know what that is? Have you ever noticed that by giving a couple of consecutive soft touches on the Home button the screen of your iPhone was reduced to the bottom half , so that you could reach all its parts with one hand? Precisely that is reachability.

Wait a minute, and what about users who have an iPhone X? Reachability is also available to them, just that the gestures to be made are different, here you can see how even people with small hands can use the iPhone X thanks to Accessibility.
The best trick for your calculator

The calculator is one of those most useful tools of the iPhone , and is that thanks to it we can perform all kinds of calculations, from everyday to some more elaborate, thanks to the scientific calculator. Yes, I know that you know how to make the normal calculator of your iPhone become a scientific calculator .

What you probably do not know is that when you make a mistake you do not have to erase everything - as you usually do - but with a simple finger slip you can eliminate the wrong number. How to do it? Here we explain it step by step in case it has not been clear .
Do you err in your texts? No problem

The one with the mouth is wrong, and the one with the fingers is also wrong. How many times has it happened to us that we have written a word wrong, or even that the proofreader has changed a word to us making it absurd? If we have written a good paragraph, many of us despair trying to place the cursor with our finger at the exact point , forgetting that Apple has designed something specific for it. In many cases we even end up erasing everything.

Forget about placing the cursor and just do a long press on the keyboard , on either side. You will see that it instantly becomes a trackpad similar to the Macbook, being able to move through the paragraph with precision.
See what apps I have open

If we want to see what apps we have open, you already know that you can do it simply by double clicking on the Home button, right? Well, there is another gesture to make it even faster: press on the left side of the screen with force and drag . VoilĂ !

Write (well) with one hand

When we have our hands busy or we use Siri, or handle the iPhone is a torture. To mitigate this pain, it is best to configure the keyboard in one hand , an exclusive feature of iOS 11. Here is a complete tutorial on how to activate and squeeze it to the fullest.
Scroll through the screen

I put you in situation: you are reading an interesting article in Safari, for example from iPadizate, and you want to go back to the top of the page. You have been sliding down for a while because the article, besides being useful, is very long. Or you're in Photos watching all the snapshots of your vacation. What do you do? Slide up again? No way! It is much simpler to do double tap in the upper area of ​​the display . 

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