You can describe how your WhatsApp group is in the next update -


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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

You can describe how your WhatsApp group is in the next update

The use we give to WhatsApp is massive, being in Spain a tremendously popular application. And good proof of this is the ease with which this app allows the creation of groups , which are very effective communication environments and that we use for anything. From the group of the sports club, to the parents and moms of the school, going through the diet of the artichoke.

We just met, in fact it is a breaking news, that the next update of WhatsApp will allow an option that is currently not available . This functionality would be to be able to make a description of the theme of the group , and that would be located just below the name and photograph of it.

It has been in the WABetaInfo Telegram channel where the next implementation of this option has been made public, which complements this widely used communication tool in a better way.

And is that with more than 1000 million active users around the world the messaging application, owned by Facebook, wants to finish giving a boost and prevent the leak of users to other applications such as Telegram . WhatsApp is an app that suffers many falls during its service, viralizing these by social networks like Twitter.

And lately we have also heard about all the news that WhatsApp has introduced or plans to implement. The last one has been the possibility of switching between voice and video calls in a simple way, just by pressing an icon on the screen, which has been available since last week .

We'd love you to say if you think WhatsApp is pushing hard with its latest updates , if it lives on rents being the first messaging app that became popular, or if it should do more so that Telegram does not eat ground. 

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