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Monday, 12 February 2018

Your iPhone takes such delicious photos that you could eat them

For some time now, perhaps since the development of the cameras of mobile devices, we have become accustomed to seeing snapshots of desirable things . You go to a restaurant and, surprised by the presentation of a salad, you decide to take a photo and hang it on your social networks.

Or maybe you're a bit of a cook, you have the soul of Dabiz Muñoz and you have a cooking blog. Your equipment to photograph is your iPhone and little else . Today we are going to give you some guidelines so that your photos of dishes and recipes are more than that, more than photos. We want them to say something, to surprise and say how delicious!

And before starting with the advice, say that these are the result of experience as a mobile amateur photographer , and the result of many snapshots. There are no miraculous recipes, just simple guidelines that you must adapt to your way of understanding photography. As a mere curious that I am, it is the fruit of many tests and the results are not professional at all, but they are pleasant. So we go with them, you can get some interesting idea.

What I mean

What you are going to photograph is to communicate. If the dish does not say much, the final result will communicate little and will be one more photo. You go to a restaurant and pictures because there is something that has caught your attention , there is a detail that you want to highlight. Perhaps the interesting thing is not in the set, but in a detail. That mint leaf of the milkshake, the frost of an ice cream ... Go into the macro mode of some applications, like Camara + .

let the light be made

Always, and as much as possible, we should avoid using the flash. Nothing like natural light, so look for it to give your plate everything you need . Try not to affect directly, perhaps the curtains of the kitchen can help you get a proper environment.

What can help you

Without making a large investment, it is recommended that you take a small tripod for your photos, not just for this type of photos, but for anyone. You have them insultingly cheap and their result is always good.

Tripod for iPhone

Choose a good angle

Normally the zenith photos do not usually work well, that is, from above. They simply nullify the feeling of depth and make the photos look too flat . Test with different positions, the results may surprise.

Test, test and test

Photographing is learned by photographing, so the interesting thing is to follow people who do interesting things in this field. Stealing ideas is always positive and undoubtedly helps improve our technique.
Portrait mode? Why not!

If you have an iPhone that is either the iPhone 7 Plus, or the iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X , do not forget that the portrait mode is not only used to photograph people , but also objects. Your salad may look better like that.

Surround yourself with good applications

It is not only about making the photo, but of applying a good edition or processed. Filters are your great ally , and here there is always a maxim: less is more. Do not mix too many of them , if you apply one that does not tell you one, try another and if that picture continues without "talking", edit the filter itself, adding or removing parameters from it . Try with Instagram, they are simple but effective.
The little details

Your creation will be enhanced with some small detail , in the crockery in which emplates, in that cherry that accompanies and that gives the contrast of color, in the combination of the napkin, in short, so many things that your imagination will have no limits. Choose well, although that detail does not deviate the focus of what you want to express.

In conclusion

As you may have seen these little tips are quite common sense and I repeat again, the secret is to go testing and more tests until you feel that the photo you just made is worth it , that expresses enough and is plastically nice. We leave the rest for the professionals, who are the mirror in which we must look at ourselves.

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