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15 keyboard shortcuts for iPad that you should know

The iPad has become the best friend of many of us. Thanks to the Apple tablet we no longer have to carry a laptop to do the office work that until not so long ago, forced us to carry a bag with a laptop that in the best case weighed a couple of kilos. Added to an external keyboard , this device is capable of real wonders.

Despite its indisputable utility in office tasks, it is normal to miss some functions that we have deeply internalized, such as the classic Cmd + C / Cmd + V in the case of MacOS, or the Crtl + C / Crtl + V in Windows.

To facilitate this type of task, today I bring you 15 different keyboard shortcuts to use with the iPad, so that working with it when you have a linked keyboard is even easier. There are for all likes:
The most useful keyboard shortcuts on iPad

1) Direct access to Spotlight

Everyone who has iOS or MacOS knows what Spotlight is. Thanks to this search engine we can launch applications, find documents or make an online consultation without even launching Safari. To activate it, we will only have to use the Cmd + Space combination.

2) Quick change between applications

Usually we could make the gesture of sliding the hand up and we would see the open applications, but if we have a connected keyboard it will be enough to press Cmd + Tab to see an application selector as we would see it in MacOS.

Once we have the selector open, it will be enough for us to scroll through it using the tabulator. To exit this selection, it will be enough to use the combination Cmd + ~ .

3) Return to the home screen

We can quickly return to the home screen without pressing the center button. For this, the combination is Cmd + Shift + H.

4) Hold Cmd in certain applications

The applications focused on productivity tend to many hidden shortcuts. To see them, it will only suffice to keep the Cmd key pressed . Try it in the native Mail application!

5) Access the emoji keyboard

Many people get lost and do not know how to enter the emoji keyboard. To enter nothing easier, inside the integrated keyboard itself we have to press the globe key , and it will automatically change us.

6) Take screenshots

If we press Cmd + Mayus + 3 we will make a screen capture that will be saved on the reel. If on the other hand we want to edit it, it will be enough to go to Cmd + Shift + 4 and it will take us to edit mode.

7) Text manipulation shortcuts

The same text manipulation shortcuts that we usually use in MacOS are also available in iOS with our iPad. They are the following:

    Cmd + Left : Go to the end of the line.
    Cmd + Right : Go to the beginning of the current line.
    Cmd + Up : Go to the top of the page.
    Cmd + Down : Go to the bottom of the page.
    Option + Left / Right : Moves the cursor one character at a time.
    Option + Shift + Left / Right : select the previous / next word.
    Shift + Left / Right : Start text selection to the left / right of the cursor, one character at a time.
    Shift + Cmd + Left / Right : Select the entire line, left / right of the cursor.
    Shift + Cmd + Up / Down : Select all the text in the document (up or down the cursor).

If you are using the on-screen keyboard, simply slide two fingers across the screen to turn it into a trackpad. In this way, you can move the cursor easily.

8) Safari keyboard shortcuts

    Cmd + T : Open new tab.
    Cmd + W : Close current tab.
    Ctrl + Tab : Switch to the next tab.
    Ctrl + Shift + Tab : Switch to the previous tab.
    Ctrl + F : Show the Search function.
    Cmd + L : Highlights the text entry field.
    Cmd + Shift + R : Activates the Reading mode for the current page.

9) Keyboard shortcuts within Mail

    Cmd + Option + F : Search in the mailbox.
    Cmd + R : Answer.
    Cmd + Shift + R : Answer everyone.
    Cmd + N : New message.
    Del : Delete the current message.
    Cmd + Control + A : Archive message.
    Cmd + Shift + U : Mark as unread.

10) Keyboard shortcuts in Notes

    Cmd + Shift + T : Title
    Cmd + Shift + H : Header
    Cmd + Shift + L : Checklist
    Cmd + F : Search in the note
    Cmd +] : Right bleeding
    Cmd + N : New note

11) Google Sheets keyboard shortcuts

    Cmd + F : Find in the spreadsheet
    Cmd + Shift + [ : Switch to the previous sheet
    Cmd + Shift +] : Switch to the next sheet
    Cmd + Shift + N : Insert new sheet
    Cmd + N : New spreadsheet

12) Flip gesture on the software keyboard

When an iPad with iOS 11 or higher does not have a connected Bluetooth keyboard, it presses the keys (as if it had 3D touch) so that alternative characters appear. For example, by pressing the Q key we get the number 1 to appear.

13) Split mode

We can place both thumbs on the virtual keyboard and gesture outwards with them to separate the keyboard into two parts. In this way, we will find it much more comfortable to write.

14) Undo button

By touching the ? 123 button, the Undo button will appear , right next to the space bar.

15) A maĆ½uscula

If you want to capitalize, instead of using the classic Mayus Lock button you can slide that key to the letter that you want to capitalize and it will only change this, being able to write all the others in lowercase.

And so far this guide that will give you a little more the way to work with your iPad, making you even more productive. If you still do not have one and you are thinking of buying it , do not forget to take a look at our purchase guide !

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