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Monday, 19 March 2018

20 smart habits for your iPhone

The best thing you can do with an iPhone is to squeeze all the possibilities it offers you , which are many. As with any smartphone, you have integrated the camera, a GPS, a small computer to consult anything you want on the Internet, a virtual bank, an entertainment center with many games, and even a small office.

And as an iPhone holder, you may not know the most interesting habits that you should integrate into your daily management so that it makes your life much easier. Let's review the list of the 20 essential smart habits to use on your iPhone.

Choose a good password

That of 123456 or something similar has happened to history, the best is some that intersperses numbers, letters, capitals, lowercase and symbols . It also does not cost that much, although you can always use this application.

Enable Search my iPhone

The best way to find it when you think you have it at work or the gym . Do not you know how to do it? We tell you how here.

Activate the grid on the camera

If you like to shoot photos, activate the grid to correctly apply the rule of thirds . Go to Settings> Camera and Grid mark .

Use Do Not Disturb

It is funny in situations like going to sleep, or with the new version of iOS 11 of "Do not disturb while driving", you can avoid some distraction at the wheel , and what is better, save your life or some fine.

Do not duplicate photos

The HDR is a system by which three photos are taken, which combined result in one that is the best. By default, iOS saves the original photo, but if you use the HDR much, it is better to deactivate that saved option. Go to Settings> Camera and uncheck Keep normal photo .

Review the permits

Check them in Settings> Privacy> Location . By default I put them in enabling localization when used, and not always. Who knows the use that some malicious app can make of it.

Have backup

Whether in the cloud (iCloud) or on a computer through iTunes , it is the best way to keep the data safe in case of problems, which you never know when they may appear.

Use a VPN

There are many apps that work as VPN (Virtual Private Network), you will navigate safer and your data will be safe . They are usually paid, although the investment is worth it.

Turn it off once in a while

Yes, your iPhone needs a break from time to time . Let the processor cool down and take a breath. Many times it has happened to find me without volume on the iPhone or iPad, after making sure that everything was as it had to be, turning off and turning on the problem is solved.

Enable Wi-Fi calls

With them you will be able to speak if you have a Wi-Fi network to connect to and the operator's coverage is not adequate, or does not exist. To enable it, follow the route Settings> Phone> Wi-Fi calls . Once done, the word Wi-Fi will appear behind the name of the operator, in the status bar, and you will have your iPhone operative to call.

Make a Hard Reset

Nothing better than that to eliminate a lot of problems , among others, to clean the memory of the iPhone. To do so, follow these steps:
Up to iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Press and hold the Start button and the simultaneous wake-up function until the screen turns off.
iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

Press and hold the volume down button and the sleep-activation button at the same time for 10 seconds.
iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Press the volume up button, the volume down button and keeping the side button pressed.

Use the Control Center

You can add or remove functions in the Control Center , you will find it very useful, to do so go to Settings> Control Center> Customize controls .

Do not exhaust the battery

There is currently no sense in exhausting the battery, as well as being counterproductive. It is best to put it to charge when you can . This will help you extend its useful life .

Clean it frequently

Wipe a microfiber cloth over the body with some frequency, and apply some lens cleaning product to the screen. It will be better preserved, which in cases of future resales is to be appreciated .

Remove the cover to load it

Doing so will prevent the device from overheating more than it should . If you have an iPhone with wireless charging, the signal will arrive with more power and you will save some time.

Choose quality accessories

You have spent a large amount on your iPhone, do not supplement it with cheap covers that do not protect , or with chargers or cables that can cause you an upset. There are accessories that are not Apple brand, but nevertheless provide excellent quality at an appropriate price .

Beware of scam attempts

More and more frequent via WhatsApp or mail . Neither Decathlon will give you a check for clicking a link, nor will Mercadona give you 500 euros for your pretty face. Directly to delete them.

Save battery with mail

Unless for work or studies you need to have the email continuously on alert, you can save a lot of battery by configuring it to look at it less often . To do this go to Settings> Accounts and passwords> Get data> and disable the Push , configuring it in the time interval you want

Uninstall everything you do not use

Why do you want an app that you do not use? Everything that is not worth it, better to eliminate it, with iOS 11 it is easier than ever to recover those apps again .

Secure your device

Thefts, thefts and losses are the order of the day . Keep paying a device that you do not have is very painful, there are many good options so that in case your iPhone disappears, the insurer will take over. A tip, read the fine print and hire one that covers robberies without violence (thefts), are the most common.

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