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Sunday, 18 March 2018

20 tricks to use Google Maps on your iPhone as a pro

Google Maps was a great success and achieved a great expansion of its creative company since its launch in 2005. The project has been growing little by little over the years offering high quality satellite images, millions and millions of points of interest , views at street level, GPS navigation, traffic conditions, public transport and other services.

In fact, Google Maps services already have more than one billion active users today, making it the most widely used navigation software worldwide. Their maps take us to where we want to go every day, but are you sure you are taking advantage of each and every one of their functions ...?

It is easy to get lost among the dozens of hidden options that the Google maps application has, therefore, in this article we will invite you to know up to 20 useful Google Maps tricks for iPhone and iPad.

1. How to save your address 

With Google Maps it is possible to save the addresses of your home and office. To do so, press on the button in the form of three horizontal lines, access "Your sites" and enter your addresses.
2. How to get directions quickly

Did you know that there is quick access to the navigation features of Google Maps? Simply press a point on the map and then press and hold the blue "How to get" button to enter navigation mode. That easy!
3. How to share your location

Press and hold on any place on the map to signal it, expand the address section and select the "Share" option . You can share your location on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Messages, etc.

4. How to access Vista at street level 

If you want to explore an area with the function of view at street level, you only have to point to a point on the map, click on it and then click on the image (as long as it is available) on the street.

5. How to find services near

A gas station, a pharmacy, a Burger King, a Starbucks ... sometimes we need to know exactly where a specific place or service is located . If you click on the explore section you will see all kinds of restaurants, museums, parks, department stores ... you can also use the search.

6. How to zoom with one hand

Do you want to know how to zoom in with one hand? All you have to do is press twice in a row on an area of ​​the map . And if you press twice and keep your finger pressed at the end, you can adjust the zoom more precisely.

7. How to view maps offline 

It is possible to download maps for viewing without an Internet connection. But you have to do it in advance. If you are planning a trip, it is the ideal time. To do so, click on an area of ​​the map, expand the lower section and click "Download."

8. How to save your favorite places

Click on the area you want to save on the map, expand the information and then select the "Save" option .

9. How to view public transport schedules 

Select a point on the map, then click on the blue "Directions" button and enter the public transport section.

10. How to see where you've been

Google Maps stores all the places you've been and you can access them from your browser through this link .

11. How to find restaurants where to eat

If you zoom to the maximum in an area, you will see an option to explore the best restaurants where to eat with recommendations and suggestions of the area.

12. How to change the view 

Google Maps offers three different types of view: default, satellite and emboss . To change the view you will have to press on the diamond-shaped button at the top right.

13. How to use voice commands 

Use the microphone icon next to the search field. You can use all kinds of commands like "Show traffic", "Show alternative routes", "What time will I get there?" ...

14. How to get directions to multiple places

Set up directions for your first place as you would normally, press the menu button and select add stop . You can add as many routes as you want.

15. How to create your own maps

Google Maps allows you to create custom maps , to do so access your Google account and enter My Maps . It is very easy to customize and the web offers a complete start-up tutorial.

16. How to save the parking location

Siri is able to remember your parking easily, but also Google Maps. You just have to press the blue dot that marks your location and choose to save my parking.

17. How to check traffic 

Do you want to know if there will be a traffic jam before leaving home? You can check the traffic status of any zone by pressing the menu button, selecting "Satellite and traffic" . The red zones imply that there is a lot of traffic.

18. How to find parking

If you are tired of going around and around with your car in search of a car park, you can mark your location and check the "P" icon on the address screen to find parking space.

19. How to look for an Uber

If you can not use your car and do not want to go by public transport, you can order an Uber directly with Google Maps. In the address menu there is a silhouette shaped icon asking for a taxi . You must be registered with Uber services.

20. How to consult your doubts 

With Google Maps it is even possible to ask any questions you have. Press the menu button, access "Help and suggestions" and you will find different sections to answer your questions.

Via | Digital Trends 

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