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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

3 novelties of the new and cheap iPad (2018)

Today, during the celebration of Apple's special education event, which you can find from here , there are some products and services designed especially for the classrooms. For places where you can find imagination and creativity in its purest state, where the problems of tomorrow are much simpler than they seem. For all those sites, Apple wanted to launch a range of products specially designed to meet their needs.

In addition, if they can cover at the same time that of lots of users around the world that we looked forward to a new iPad , then better than better. In this case, as I said before, it is an iPad designed to compete with the rest of the products that have been earmarked for education in recent years, such as Chromebooks. However, with its low price and the most interesting features, it is a very attractive bet.

New processor, ready to fight its competitors

Of course, we start with the internal components, which undergo a major renovation in order to satisfy the insatiable curiosity of students around the world. With an A10 Fusion chip , similar to the one that the iPhone 7 carries, it achieves a significant improvement in its performance that allows it to execute some of the most demanding applications. Including the latest news in Augmented Reality, which no longer only serve to play, but also to discover and learn.

Compatibility with Apple Pencil to free your imagination 

The great novelty of this new device has not been its great power, but one of the things it will allow to do in the new iPad. Apple dropped it from the moment it started sending its invitations to the event, and it came true at the same time the device was announced. Now we can use the Apple Pencil with this model, and not only with the iPad Pro, so that everyone has access to the creative freedom offered by this precise instrument.

A new finish that look on any occasion. Even in class.

But not everything is inside this tablet, there have also been some changes in its external appearance. More specifically, now we can choose a new finish in pink gold , with slightly different tones than those already presented at the time with the iPad Air 2. Although we are sure that one of the first things we will all do when we have it, is Protect it to the fullest. Pity that there are no covers as nice as the body of this iPad to solve this small problem.

Source | Manzana 

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