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Saturday, 31 March 2018

4 reasons to download and install and iOS 11.3 on your iPhone or iPad

It has been expected, but better late than never. iOS 11.3 is now a reality for everyone, not just the new iPad 2018 . A long-awaited update for the numerous iOS 11 bugs that nevertheless arrives with two notable absences: AirPlay 2 and iMessage messages will continue without using iCloud.

However, if you're still wondering, iOS 11.3 is really worth it . If you still have doubts, here are some reasons why you should not think twice and install the latest update for Apple iPhone and iPad, the largest since the presentation of iOS 11 in September.
Why should you install iOS 11.3?

Because you can disable the controversial feature that slows down your iPhone

If your iPhone is not the iPhone X or iPhone 8 in any of its versions, you may have suffered the batterygate , a controversial tool developed by Apple to prevent sudden power failures of the phones .

Maybe you do not remember it, but with iOS 10, if your iPhone required more power than your worn out battery could supply, it would turn off. To improve the user experience and avoid it, Apple implemented this feature that reduced the speed of the processor . The advantage? Your iPhone will no longer shut down unexpectedly. The bad? Your iPhone was slower than normal, reaching despair in some cases .

As you see, it is not a negative thing, but a security tool . The problem is that Apple did not inform users or give them the option to choose what they preferred. After the batterygate scandal and with dozens of demands behind you , you can finally choose what you want . Here we show you how to configure it .

Because you have more privacy than ever

When you install iOS 11.3 you will see a series of new pages related to Apple's new data and privacy policies . After all, Apple is not Facebook and in its own words:

    Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental right.

Every time you open apps, you will see a small icon about Data and privacy in the form of two people shaking hands . If you click on it, you will see all the information that you are providing to Apple and why you need it .

Increasing transparency in these times is a smart move from the company of the bitten apple, although many of us do not bother to read it. It is not that Apple is taking advantage of the Facebook scandal, since this novelty was announced in January - much before Cambridge Analytica - but as Tim Cook insists, Apple's business model is not based on the data of its users, unlike Facebook or Google.
How healthy are you?

Although in Spain it is still very green, the Health app will not only record information related to your life habits and activities, but will also be in contact with medical centers to integrate data such as your allergies, vaccines, medical test results or even medication what are you taking In the United States there is already a long list of hospitals that are part of this health network that will make your life easier.

Do you have an iPhone X? You have new Animoji!

The last and most frivolous reason is that Apple has added 4 new emoji in iOS 11.3 . It's about the bear, the dragon, the skull and a lion that you can use in iMessage to create your karaokes that have caused so much fury, getting to have your replica in Samsung . It is clear that it is not something as serious as your health, your privacy or programmed obsolescence, but I'm sure you'll get a smile. 

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