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Saturday, 10 March 2018

5 improvements and new features that we hope to see in the 2018 iPhone

Apple has been characterized in recent times to know how to protect, almost perfectly, the launches of their new devices . Thanks to this it is difficult to filter details, images or relevant data months before the staging of for example the new iPhone or iPad.

IPhone X We could not know too many details until a few days before its launch, and we fear that it will happen the same with the next iPhone 2018. Yes, what we can do is review the 5 improvements and developments we hope to see on the iPhone of 2018 .

Improvements in the Face ID that affect the Notch

Face ID was one of the great novelties that brought the iPhone X, which came accompanied by "notch" or technically known as Notch . In it are located all the components to make the system work perfectly, but without a doubt is one of the points that least like all users of an iPhone X.

And it is visually hinder the power to enjoy a spectacular screen. The rumors already suggest that it could reduce its size , although what we would really like is that it disappear, although this seems really complicated.

Changes in the interface 

As we discussed above, there are usually not many rumors or leaks about the new devices or software versions that Apple is going to launch, but one of the few that we have been able to read in the network of networks, is that iOS 12 could arrive with several news, especially at the interface level .

In addition, it seems that in Cupertino they also want to focus on improving their own applications , which over time have become very outdated, especially when compared to other similar third-party applications.

Yes, everything indicates that iOS 12 , which we can see in the iPhone 2018 will not be a great revolution , but a series of small but interesting changes with respect to iOS 11.

An even bigger and more durable battery 

To each mobile device that is going to be released in the market we always ask for one thing, which is repeated over time and that is none other than an increase in the autonomy of the battery . If we review the characteristics of the iPhone X, the autonomy of the battery without a doubt takes a good note, but we still want more.

And it seems that Apple will give us more, since according to the prestige analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI Securities, we could see a 10% increase in battery life . It may not be too much, but when part of a very good autonomy, any increase can be positive for most users.

Hopefully the day comes when we can enjoy a terminal with all the options and functionalities of the iPhone X, and that we do not have to charge for days, but unfortunately for the moment that is more a utopia than anything else.

Advances for a smart home even better 

Everything points to that in a short time we will all have an intelligent home , something that in some cases already happens. And it is that there are few who have smart plugs, lamps that can be controlled from the mobile device or even some other appliance that can be turned on and off from our smartphone.

How can it be otherwise, the iPhone 2018 should take a step forward in what is the control and integration of a smart home . At Apple, they know it and not only do they seem to improve control and integration, they also seem willing to offer us devices to improve our home. The HomePod is the latest device from Cupertino that makes our home still a little smarter.

New colors and sizes 

The iPhone X arrived at the market in a single size, something that everything indicates that it will not happen with its successor, which could reach up to 3 different sizes . In addition, all the rumors suggest that we can see new colors, and not only the Silver or Space Gray so traditional. Maybe Apple finally decide to dare with colors that we have never seen on their devices and that however are the most common for other manufacturers.

For now there are still many weeks and months to learn about the new iPhone 2018, but almost everyone is clear about what we would like to see in Apple's new mobile devices that are called to be benchmarks in the market and mark an era thanks to its new features and functionalities. _ What improvements and new features would you like to see in the new iPhone 2018? _ 

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