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Saturday, 17 March 2018

7 things that Apple will launch in the keynote of March 27

Today has been a day of certain emotions, apart from having already in the stores the couple formed by the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 +, direct rivals of the iPhone X , we have also known that Apple has started sending invitations for a mysterious event in Chicago next Tuesday, March 27. We are facing the coveted keynote of March!

And although this event is mainly educational and is intended for students and teachers, Apple Education is deeply rooted in the United States, we may know some news. Yes, it is probably the keynote that we were waiting for and in which we were announced the arrival of some interesting material. The bets are on the table, so let's go for them.

The Brazilian analyst Guilherme Rambo was one of the first to anticipate and predict this keynote and now it is precisely he who has given all the details about the presentations. As we saw in our pool of the beginning of the month , we were not very misguided. The big question remains the longed for iPhone SE 2 , which in the last hours has leaked an incredible video

Everything that Apple will present in the keynote of March 27

New iPad 

We may be facing the presentation of an educational tool of the first order, the new iPad. The 2017 version has been a success because of its economic price and features, we have faith in it, and we know that Apple has numbered two models, the A1893 and A1954 , which do not correspond to any of the ones currently in the market.

Will any of them be the new iPad Pro, of which we already know some specifications with Face ID and minimal bevels like the iPhone X? Everything points to yes, Apple would bet to renew their tablet for the first time in a long time , not only with a turn of the screw on their hardware, but with a design that leaves us open-mouthed. And is that the iPad is the king of tablets, do you doubt?

Apple Pencil improved 

It could incorporate the W1 and W2 chips, which among other things would improve connectivity and lengthen the battery life . Would we see a pencil with the option "Find my Pencil"? It's not crazy! In addition, in an educational event there is nothing more necessary than this device, which would probably integrate the possibility of digitizing 3D traces in space , and no, it is not science fiction.
AirPower and new box for AirPods 

The wireless charging base itself seems to be a reality , it would allow charging an iPhone, Watch and Airpods. Here are doubts: will it be just a wireless charging case ? Or will we be waiting for the longed for AirPods 2? Among the novelties of the AirPods 2 stand out the resistance to the water and the noise cancellation.

Launch of iOS 11.3 

The dates seem to be square, since yesterday the sixth beta of iOS 11.3 for developers was released. Maybe in ten days the final version will be presented . Will you fall in love with the disenchanted of iOS 11? Or will they leave it for iOS 12? The truth is that iOS is a system in continuous evolution, with moments "valley" in which some users are not comfortable.

Redesign of iBooks and iTunes U 

It can be a good encouragement to have the virtual library of Apple with a friendlier aspect, since many times it is not given too much attention, likewise iTunes U can have news , its contents are a mine, of great quality and even free . What surprises can there be on Tuesday, March 27 in Chicago?
New work environments for developers and ClassKit 

 The developers can also have some surprise, improving their work possibilities with these tools, in the end they are the ones that largely make the Apple ecosystem what it really is. The educational environments managed by ClassKit can receive improvements in the way in which applications are managed in classes hosted by Apple Education, which are wonderful when working and promote teaching-learning processes. 

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