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Monday, 5 March 2018

7 ways to protect your furniture from the HomePod threat

HomePod is the latest Apple device to reach the market, and unfortunately for those in Cupernito has not had a simple arrival at all. A not sold in too many countries throughout the world, with what that means, has added a problem with its design, which leaves stains on the objects on which is placed the increasingly popular speaker.

We have already told you a lot of information about these spots and even the official response from Apple, which invites us to be very careful with where we place our HomePod. Today we also want to offer you 7 ways to protect your furniture from the HomePod threat , which is as simple as you might have at home. If not, do not worry because you can buy them easily and start protecting your furniture.

Vinyl Coasters 

If you want to add a touch of originality to your HomePod, in addition to protecting the furniture you place it on, you can use these coasters with a vinyl disc shape, which have a more than interesting price on Amazon. Also keep in mind that there are 6 coasters in the pack so you can use the other five to serve drinks to visitors, for example.

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Apple TV or Mac mini that you no longer use 

It is unlikely, but if you have an Apple TV or a Mac mini that you no longer use at home , it may be the perfect support for your HomePod. Neither of the two are too large and above them you can place the new Apple device to prevent marks from appearing on your furniture.

If as is more than likely you do not have an Apple TV or a Mac mini at home, maybe you can place your HomePod on other devices that you no longer use, giving it a distinguished and different touch.

Banksy Coasters 

Maybe and almost certainly will be the nicest coasters you'll find in the entire network of networks, and probably you will not be able to take any bar in any city. These coasters with prints from Banksy can be purchased at Amazon for just over ten euros and besides protecting your furniture they will give an elegant and most interesting touch to your HomePod.

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Crochet rug 

The vintage is fashionable and one of the things that have returned has been the crochet. Those mats that your mother or grandmother had on TV or any furniture are back and can be the perfect support for your HomePod.

If you do not know anyone who makes crochet or your grandmother or your mother's house since there is not any carpet of these, do not worry, you can always buy it at Amazon at a very economical price.

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Fun wooden coasters 

We still have not run out of ideas and one of the ones that you are most likely to like are these wooden coasters , which look handmade. On it you can place your HomePod and in addition to avoid leaving marks on your furniture, you can give it a fun and above all different touch.

Like most of the things that we have shown you in this article ** it has a very interesting price and you can buy it now through Amazon **.

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Biography of Steve Jobs 

I'm not at all convinced that the HomePod would have pleased Steve Jobs, but like it or not the founder and soul of Apple sold at a good pace in stores around the world, like his biography. Precisely the good biography of Jobs can serve as support for HomePod giving it also a sophisticated touch.

Of course, place the biography under the HomePod as long as you have read it, not as they say by postureo.

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Cork coasters 

Cork has served countless things throughout history, even to make coasters, which can now be great to place under the HomePod and prevent it from staining the furniture where we place it.

Its price is the cheapest and even if you do not want to spend even a single euro, you can surely find them at home or in a bar where you usually go.

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These are only seven ideas so you can place your HomePon without fear in any piece of furniture, without leaving stains on it, but surely there are many more. If you have or you have another idea, you can comment on it in the space reserved for comments on this post or through one of the social networks where we are present, and we can expand the range of possibilities.

Via | macworld 

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