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Thursday, 22 March 2018

8 basic tricks for Fortnite Battle Royale on iPhone

# 1 Magisterial Victory! How we like to read it, right? And how little do we read ... If we also want to be like Ninja and be able to show off to our friends of our incredible KDA in the recently released Fortnite: Battle Royale for iOS , you better pay attention to the tricks that you will read in this article.

Naturally we do not play this game solely to get victories (if so, only a few would play), but to have fun, enjoy and improve. Also, it is also true that many players are frustrated by not getting in a good position, or literally die at the first encounter with someone in the game. How to solve this? The answer is simple: practice more hours .

These games have a high learning curve and although the matchmaking is unknown, we can get an idea that in the game we will meet more or less with people of our level. This is done to prevent that, precisely, we end up unhinged by uninstalling the game.

If you have just started, or simply want to improve, here I leave nothing less than eight basic tricks with the main guidelines to begin to emerge in the table.
How to improve in Fortnite: Battle Royale
1) Lootea quickly

And with lootear quickly I mean do not dedicate yourself to go looking for your favorite weapon, because your Magnum or your rocket launcher may never arrive. A pistol will serve to eliminate your opponent before he does it by hitting you with his beak, so do not hesitate and take everything you can in the first moments. The time will come to get the rocket launcher, but the first thing is to have the essentials.
2) Choose your destination with criteria

It will not do any good if you want to last a long time in the game if you run into an area just below the path of the bus where another 30 are going to dive. We understand that you want action, but assume it. This is a walking simulator with weapons, not a Counter Strike .

Throughout the map we find areas that do not have a high density of houses, but enough to be able to be quiet and ensure a decent loot .

3) Landing on the roof

Landing on the roof is always a good option, since in many cases you will find interesting objects (like epic weapons) waiting for you . You have a wonderful peak to go destroying level at the level of the house, and thus get construction materials.

Another interesting option is also to climb the roofs and repeat the operation building ramps. The chests are usually in the most unsuspected places , but you will go when you are near. Try to also look for them in the stairwell, there are times where many people who seek the loot in a hurry, forgetting these valuable allies.
4) Do not stop

This is not the PUBG, it's not too realistic a game. Here it is important to find a good weapon, to build and have fun ; It's like a Minecraft but with weapons of all kinds. Have you ever seen someone jump on PUBG without stopping? It is clear that no, because this strategy would not work, we would discover ourselves and our brains would have scattered on the ground after the action of four bullets coming from different points.

On the other hand, here we have to jump, move and avoid that the shots reach us. More arcade? Yes, but also more action , and therefore more entertaining.
5) Take advantage of the construction

The construction offers us a great asset to survive , in addition to making a differential element compared to other games of this type. see how towards the end of the game the constructions do not stop happening among the players who are alive is not a coincidence, but a pattern that is repeated again and again.

Obtaining the aerial advantage in front of those who are on the ground will easily mark the line between winning or losing , so it is essential that you make sure you have good materials to create buildings high enough and robust enough to stand.

6) Take advantage of your inventory

Your inventory has to be used to the fullest. Think that you only have five possible spaces, so you should try to optimize these slots with weapons to attack body to body, medium distance, long distance ... In addition to carrying some type of kit in case they reach you.

The telescopic sights, either sniper rifles or assault rifles will come in handy for long distance shooting without being easily discovered, which will offer you a great competitive advantage . On the other hand, if you are fighting hand to hand, a shotgun will make the difference between living or dying.
7) Beware of the circle

The eye of the storm is getting smaller and smaller, and the fact of being outside of it necessarily implies that your life decreases , no matter how many shields you carry. While at first being out of this area will not hurt you too much, as the circle closes, being out of it will make you more and more nick, to the point that in the final minutes of the game it will hardly take a few seconds to kill you.

Calculate how long it will take you to travel the distance at which you are heading, and avoid being stunned. Time flies, and the later, the more likely that lone wolves are waiting for unsuspecting players running into the safe zone .
8) Better with friends

The Fortnite, like the PUBG, the Rules of Survival or any other game of this genre is much more enjoyed with friends : play wherever you are, be talking by any calling application ( that do not consume as much, quiet ) while enjoying a strategy and action game is the most satisfying thing we can do with our iPhone and iPad.

If you still think you can resist the Fortnite hurricane, you have not tried it with colleagues. Take advantage now that you do not need an invitation and you will understand.

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