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Monday, 19 March 2018

8 reasons to buy an iPad Pro

Apple's iPad Pro is not exactly one of the cheapest tablets on the market, especially the model with a 12.9-inch screen . In fact, currently the cheapest iPad that you can buy in an Apple Store has a base price of 729 euros.

It is a luxury tablet, but it is no accident that the iPad is a leader in sales in the market. We are talking about the most complete and most functional tablet in the world, together with an excellent fusion between its software and hardware, the iPad Pro sends.

In this article we will mention up to eight reasons why you should buy an iPad Pro , in case you have not purchased one yet ...

1. Multitasking

One of the main reasons why buying an iPad Pro is a good idea is because iOS allows users to enjoy some simply ideal Multitasking features . You can use Slide Over to perform quick actions while leaving other apps in the background, or use Split View to open two applications at the same time. Or maybe, with Picture-in-Picture , watching thumbnail videos while using other applications.

2. Books

Apple's iPad Pro makes reading (digital) books much more enjoyable . Reading is a very relaxing way to spend free time. The iBooks application works perfectly on smaller tablets and on the iPhone. But with the iPad Pro reading is much more pleasant and, of course, you will not have to be turning pages every 30 seconds.

3. News

The large screen of the iPad Pro allows you to navigate and explore the interface of applications in an easier and much less uncomfortable way. It is an ideal tablet to enter your favorite web pages and read the news or follow the latest trends on Twitter.

4. TV

The Retina screen of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a real pass when it comes to viewing multimedia content such as series, movies and documentaries via streaming. It is the ideal option to play videos from Netflix, YouTube or applications to watch online TV as MiTele, RTVE or AtresPlayer. In addition, with the Smart Cover you can have a perfect support for your "mobile TV".

5. Creativity

Apple's mobile devices are well known for their great progress in the field of creativity. Graphic designers, artists, photographers and web developers can take full advantage of the iPad Pro to enhance their creativity. And, together with the Apple Pencil, it is the perfect tool to create (photographic edition, illustrations ...) and consume (comics, projects, videos ...) creative content.

6. Games

If you consider yourself a lover of mobile games for iPhone and iPad , you will surely agree that the bigger the screen, the greater the fun and immersion in the theme of each game. Although it is true that some games are specially designed to play on a smaller screen like the iPhone, but the vast majority of them look better on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Not to mention the controls! You will win all your multiplayer battles!

7. HomeKit

In my humble opinion, the iPhone is a more personal device that users can take advantage of for social networks, instant messaging, photography ... But the iPad is a more familiar device with which you can share platforms such as iCloud and HomeKit. Especially HomeKit , because the big screen of the iPad Pro will allow you to interact with all your home automation accessories with great ease from the comfort of the sofa in your living room.

How many times have you lost your remote control? Yes, it usually ends up lost between the cushions of the sofa. It even happens very often with the Siri Remote of the Apple TV due to its small dimensions. So the 12.9-inch iPad Pro can become your new favorite remote control, a giant one, yes sir. You can access the functions of your Apple TV (writing on the keyboard included) from the Control Center of iOS 11 and, as we mentioned previously with HomeKit, it will help your whole family to have easy access to control of Netflix, YouTube, MiTele and other apps and / or system elements.

Via | iDropNews
8. Remote control 

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