Tuesday, 13 March 2018

9 iMessage functions that you are not using (but you should)

The iMessage platform is an ideal place for instant messaging on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple Watch . It has really useful functions when it comes to establishing communication with friends and family.

In this guide we will talk about some features of the native application Messages that you probably did not know about or just do not usually use.

From the use of stickers to special effects, through App Store applications, GIFs, TapBack reactions and much more. We start!

1. Stickers

By clicking on the button of the iMessage App Store you can access hundreds of really useful applications to improve the user experience of the Messages app. Some of the most popular applications will offer you all kinds of stickers to add to your messages, and you can place them anywhere in the conversation: videos, images, links, locations ... Other apps in the App Store will allow you to create GIFs, send money, plan events, play multiplayer games and a long etcetera.

2. TapBack

If you are busy and can not write to respond to a message, you can use TapBack reactions to express your emotions. Simply press twice on a message (or keep your finger pressed on it) to send reactions like likes, dislikes, hearts, exclamations and interrogations.

3. Emojification

Emotion is a feature that helps a lot when it comes to saving time while you search for emoji to accompany your messages. Once you have written a text in the chat conversation, before pressing the send button, press the emoji button on the keyboard and select the words highlighted in orange to replace them by emojis automatically.

4. Audio clips

You can click on the microphone icon to send audio clips to your contacts. Another method to activate this function quickly is to keep the iPhone close to your ear to automatically record your audio. Because, sometimes, sending a voice message is much more effective and convenient than sending text messages.

5. Location

You can share your location in iMessage by clicking on the information icon (i) of your conversations and selecting the option "Share my current location" . To use this function you must activate the location services from Settings.

6. Attachments

In the same section of information (i) you can delete all the images, videos and attachments that you have shared in each of the iMessage conversations. Keep your finger pressed on each item and press "Delete". An ideal option to save extra storage space .

7. Special effects

The iMessage platform offers a series of very funny special effects for your chats. To use this feature you only have to write a message, keep your finger pressed on the send button and select an effect from the list . There are all kinds of effects, from hearts to confetti; going through fireworks, invisible messages, balloons and much more.

8. 3D Touch

The iPhone's 3D Touch features provide users with additional features such as quick access to the most recent conversations from the home screen. To use this useful feature you will have to press firmly on the icon of the native application iOS Messages and select the option "New message" or one of your contacts to start a chat. On the other hand, 3D Touch also allows you to use notifications to use quick response.

9. Configuration settings

If you open Settings and go to the Messages section you can activate and deactivate all kinds of options. From here you can indicate if you want to view the profile pictures of your contacts, the notifications of reading received messages and even the expiration of the audio attachments.


Although Apple's instant messaging platform still needs to integrate some very interesting new features such as personalization of colors and backgrounds , or the ability to delete messages as in WhatsApp , it is still a really wonderful alternative to hold conversations Chat with other users of iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple Watch. What is your favorite messaging application?

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