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Sunday, 4 March 2018

9 things in which Apple Music is better than Spotify

 Meat or fish? Mountain or beach? Spotify or Apple Music? The decision can be difficult, and in fact it is. Spotify is the leader and reference in terms of streaming music , which has allowed many of us have started to get rid of some works we have on CD to gain space and choose from an almost infinite catalog of works.

And that is the main advantage of this type of applications, move from Miles Davis to Debussy with a simple search. And many of us ask ourselves which of these types of services is the one that best suits our interests and pocket . Do you want 9 reasons why Apple Music is preferable to Spotify? We give them to you

You can try it for free 90 days

If you buy an Apple device, it will come with Music installed, that is, you already have it there. And the test that Apple gives you to prove it is 3 months , for the month that Spotify gives. A favorable point. And sometimes, weird, they send you a code to try another month, even if you have exhausted the courtesy period.

Interact with the artists.

Apple Music has a unique feature called Connect. It is a social platform designed to give musicians and artists a way to connect more intimately with their followers , from behind-the-scenes videos to dedications. This gives Apple Music a slight advantage.

Integration with iTunes

Apple Music integrates very well with your iTunes library. That means that music stored locally, either through iTunes or a disc will also appear in Apple Music.

Want to go to more

Apple Music will not only be music, they are also videos. Yes, Spotify also, but Apple's plans are to want to soon offer a high-level , very premium digital content . At the time, you will see.

Very friend of HomePod

Although you know you can play Spotify with Apple's smart speaker through AirPlay 2, although the experience is not the same in terms of comfort when you use Apple Music .

It has its own assistant

That could not be other than Siri, which is completely integrated with Apple Music. If you ask him to find you a specific hit he will give it to you .


We return to when we have talked about multimedia content, Spotify also has stations, but Apple Music radio features based on artists or genres has better playlists . And do not lose sight of Beats1, your worldwide radio directed by 3 DJ's.

Audio quality

Many will say that Spotify and its 320 kbps spit in the face of Apple Music with its 256kbps. But the first one plays an mp3 and Apple Music uses AAC, which is a codec with less loss .

More songs and exclusive versions

The Apple service has around 45 million songs . Spotify, according to current estimates, has more than 30 million songs. In addition to that, it has exclusives on artists of greater profile than Spotify , and this is so for not having a free version of the application.

What reasons besides these can you contribute? Or are you from Spotify yes or yes? We are interested in your comments.

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