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Friday, 9 March 2018

A child blocks his mother's iPhone for 48 years!

Everyone knows the seriousness with which Apple takes any safety issue . If you try to enter the unlock code several times on an Apple device and fail, it ends up blocking and each attempt is to add more time to blocking.

And this is what happened in Shanghai, where a mother left her iPhone to her two-year-old son to entertain him. The child tried to unblock it several times, and kept trying, but logically all the codes that the child introduced were wrong . At that age it is quite unlikely that a child will be able to memorize a code and then enter it into a device.

Santos were the effects that the iPhone is blocked for a period of 48 years, something we had never seen. The typical "iPhone is disabled" message appears. Please wait 25,113,676 minutes and try again . "

In these cases there are always two options, or wait for the necessary time or restore the factory telephone with the risk of losing all the information stored in it. But the lady says that she has a lot of information and important photos that she does not want to lose, although she is not willing to wait more than four decades . It would be unthinkable.

Normally when you enter the unlock code many times, the device is blocked for an indefinite period . In the case of this phone, the fact that the iPhone has been adding so many minutes and in total add up to almost 50 years, it would be an indication that the device has been jailbreaked .

We do not know what will be the decision taken by the woman, what we do is something very obvious: you never have to leave a device in the hands of a small one, especially if you have important information stored , the disaster can be serious. Have you ever seen yourself in a situation of having your device blocked? How did you act? Tell us in comments.

Via | idropnews 

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