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Monday, 5 March 2018

A defective iPhone could cost Apple more than half a million dollars

Judging by the title, everything points to that we are before the argument of a desktop movie Antena 3, but no. And is that reality always exceeds fiction . It is not the first time (and unfortunately we think it will not be the last) that we tell you about the explosion of an iPhone, but probably none could be as expensive for Apple as it is .

It took place in October 2016 in Canada, at the home of Cathy and Ian. One day, Cathy put to charge iPhone 6 three years old when suddenly, the phone was heated and caused a fire in his room. The firemen arrived, extinguished the fire but it was already too late: not only his iPhone, but also the objects and his house had been reduced to ashes .

According to CBC News , the fire department's investigation has concluded that either the phone or the charger would get hot enough to catch fire . Cathy had been thinking for days that her iPhone was not working properly:

    I was having problems with my phone, which had been failing for a while.

She left him carrying and went to walk his pets. Imagine the scene of coming home and seeing the black sky, running towards your house and finding the grass of the flames . Fortunately, neither Ian nor his children were in their home. The result? He had run out of his house and without the farm school he owned.

After the displeasure and the pertinent investigations, the authorities recommended that they denounce Apple to compensate them for the losses . Said and done: the marriage filed a claim requiring $ 600,000 for damages. A campaign has even started in change.org asking for the signature of the bitten apple.

After more than a year of negotiations and bureaucracy, they received $ 600,000 of insurance in the summer of 2017, which has allowed them to rebuild their property, but all this time homeless and without work has made them accumulate losses and a huge upset.

At the moment, the couple does not want to make statements until the trial ends and Apple has said to be open to family requests , but wants to investigate the incident and see how everything develops.

Via | iDropnews 

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