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Sunday, 18 March 2018

AirPods 2: possible technical specifications and release date

When Apple launches into a market, it usually does so after other companies have already made several attempts. Through all the knowledge and experience gained from the failures of others , the company is able to launch a breakthrough product to the market. And with that methodology, today it is still the first company in the world in market capitalization, and each time with more distance from its endings, despite the fact that, like any other company, it also has its faults.

However, today we are not going to speak of a failure, rather, of what many believed in a principle that would be a great disappointment. The AirPods, Apple's commitment to wireless headphones at a time when it is not clear whether it is a fad or not, did not seem to have the appearance of a best-selling product. But it was enough that the day of beginning of the reservations arrived so that it began to notice how much we were wrong . And now, it's time to talk about his second version .
Everything we know about AirPods 2
Technical specifications

Surely there are many people who think it is difficult to improve the sound quality of AirPods, not because of the issues of the headset itself, but rather because of the technology they use. As we have seen in recent years in their patents , there is always considerable room for improvement for Apple, and these headphones are no exception. In particular, the latest Barclays reports suggest that an advanced environmental noise cancellation system could be integrated.

Of course, they are also likely to use the knowledge gained during the development of HomePod to improve the quality of these devices. To this we will add the active listening capabilities, which will allow the use of Siri without touching the AirPods with "Hey, Siri", and an improved resistance to the elements , with a certain degree of resistance to water . All this, together with an improvement in energy management, will be possible with the integration of the W2 chip that the Apple Watch Series 3 already has.

Release date

We reach one of the most important points, and that more doubts wakes up among the analysts. There are rumors that place the launch of this new version of the AirPods to this year , with an announcement in September , similar to how the presentation of the first version was made next to the iPhone 7. On the other hand, each time charges more force the version in which the departure date would be moved to next year 2019 , in order to achieve the quality levels expected of the company.

The issue is that there is information that suggests that Apple could launch two new versions, so that the past dates would be met, but not the way we expect it. This same year, a new version of the AirPods would be presented, which would include the W2 chip and Siri voice activation. Along with them, an improved version would appear, with better sound quality, a more resistant design and perhaps more health functions , which would be launched in 2019 .

Possible prices of the new AirPods 

In terms of prices, the new version would be treated as a replacement for the current version, so that the new one would take the price of the old one, which is 179 euros. If we also take into account that it is possible that there are two new versions, it is possible that Apple presents a slight price decrease for the update, and a higher price for the "premium" version. In addition, in either case would include the new wireless charging case, compatible with the AirPower carpet.

For now, this is all we know about AirPods. Of course, it goes without saying that all the information we treat is not official, therefore, it is very likely that many of the details we indicate today change over the course of the months. Anyway, you can follow all the news in relation to the AirPods from iPadizate, and with the WWDC getting closer , it is very possible that more data will appear about the future of this fantastic accessory.

Via | Phone Arena 

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