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Monday, 26 March 2018

All about the 2 new iPad Pro 2018: features, specifications and price

March or June? WWDC 2018 or the March 27 education event in Chicago? We do not know, but something is clear: Apple will present 2 new iPad Pro in 2018 - referred to with the A1893 and A1954 models - that would revolutionize the tablet market as the iPhone X did in its day. Yes , the iPad is already the best selling tablet , but with the innovations implemented in both design and features many users will consider renewing them.

Apple remains convinced that the iPad is the perfect tool for study and work and also, with it in your hands you do not need a computer because the iPad is much more versatile and intuitive for everyday tasks. Do you want to know before anyone else all the news of the two new iPad Pro? Well, keep reading.

This will be the iPad Pro 2018

Great changes are coming. The iPhone X marked a before and after in the design of smartphones and the iPad Pro 2018 is more an iPad Pro X than anything else , judging by its huge screen with almost no borders or Home button. And with the new iPad Pro 2018 the gestures will reach a new dimension. Of course, there will be room for the already characteristic notch.

    If there is no Home, there is notch

Evan Blass recently escaped a photo on Twitter without the eyebrow, but everything points to the TrueDepth camera will also be integrated into the iPad Pro X for facial unlocking. Anyway, without borders everything will be much more visual and attractive , there is more to see this fantastic concept .

To date, Apple had launched iPad Pro with diagonals of 9'7 inches, 10'5 inches and 12'9 inches, but without edges everything changes. Apple wants more screen than ever and its proposal for this 2018 is expected to go through a new 11-inch iPad Pro and the renewal of 12.9 inches that will simply be huge to be bezel less.

Like previous iPad Pro models , the screen of the iPad Pro X will be Retina with True Tone and surely that Apple of a turn of the screw in terms of quality.
Technical specifications

At the moment little has transcended, apart of course from the Face ID to unlock with a blink of an eye and the TrueDepth camera with which it would count, if as everything points the iPad Pro X carries notch.

If the current iPad Pro is already faster than the MacBook Pro , imagine what will happen with the iPad Pro 2018, which will integrate an A11X eight-core processor. An authentic beast!

Release date

The great unknown. We know that at least one iPad will be presented during the education event in Chicago, but it may be a low cost iPad with the same design as always and some improvements such as the possibility of using the Apple Pencil. If so, we would have to wait until June 4 to 8 to see these new iPad Pro 2018.

In any case, Apple usually presents their iPads and start the reservation on the Friday following the presentation, so we could leave until the middle of April if they showed up in March - something quite improbable - or in the middle of June. Better take note of the latter.

The iPad Pro is a tablet that was born with the idea of ​​replacing the laptop, so in a market with a tendency to low cost tablet, Apple has been increasing their prices. However, the price factor is important to achieve penetration in the market, so during the last few days Mark Gurman of Bloomberg has ensured that Apple will adjust its prices, launching cheaper iPads .

So yes, the low cost iPad according to Digitimes could have a price that would be lower than 300 dollars , but for the iPad Pro we played in another league. Write down this figure: 499 dollars, to which we will have to add taxes in Spain . 

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