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Friday, 2 March 2018

An iPad with 2 screens? A tactile Macbook? I hope Apple makes it happen!

According to Patently Apple , Apple has registered a patent that has left us speechless : it is a kind of laptop with a second screen located in the area where the trackpad and keyboard should be. Would it be a tactile Macbook? Will it be the next generation of the iPad Pro? Be that as it may, this magnificent hybrid opens up many possibilities

Or maybe it stays in nothing. Of course, that Apple register this patent means at least that Apple would be considering a computer with two panels , but of course, to consider it to make it reality and market it there is a world of difference.

After all, it is quite common for firms to register patents for unlikely projects just in case the industry's trend approaches that model, or simply so that no rival manufacturer can use it. In this sense, Apple has thousands of patents that describe devices that have never seen the light . In any case, such a device would cause a lot of expectation.

Is it a Macbook? Is it an iPad Pro?

According to the US Patent Office, this project has the serial number 9.904.502 and the original patent dates from August 2015. We insist, it is not that Apple has spent almost three years developing the device .

In it we can read that it is an electronic device with two panels with a rotation axis. Both displays would emit light, confirming that they are screens .

If it were a computer, while one panel would correspond as a screen, the other would replace the keyboard and the trackpad, but it would also allow the introduction of content by emulating handwriting directly with a finger or with a Pen. If it is a tablet, without a doubt it would be the definitive iPad for its comfort and versatility . Just by doubling it all we would have a traditional iPad, but deployed would be the ideal replacement for the laptop.

But one thing is clear: its software . It is known that imminently the apps will be universal , that is, they will be identical in iOS and MacOS, so it would not be a problem in reality.

As explained in Cult of Mac , Tim Cook recently explained that his idea was:

    Wait to see everything we are going to do to make the iPad replace the laptop

Of course, an iPad with two screens and universal apps would be the definitive combo for it. In terms of how Apple would market it, whether as a Macbook or as an iPad, we must bear in mind that Apple sells twice as much iPad as Mac , so only for practicality, would probably be coined as a tablet, a truly revolutionary iPad that would change the sector completely.

Nor can we forget that the CEO of Apple referred to the iPad as " the clearest expression of our vision of the computer of the future" 

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