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Monday, 5 March 2018

Android runs out of ideas: the notch of the iPhone X is fashionable

We are just in March - month in which Apple could surprise us with a keynote - and there is something clear on the horizon: most of the Android presented in 2018 will be inspired by the design of the iPhone X. The MWC 2018 has only been a preview of everything that is to come. Make no mistake, we knew that from China were going to get dozens of clones , we explained the reason why Chinese manufacturers imitated the iPhone with all the nerve. What we did not expect is that renowned brands present their flagships and that seeing them we had a feeling of déjè vu so clear.

Is it because of the success of the iPhone X? Let's not forget that in less than half a year he has already harvested the best MWC 2018 awards - without even attending - and the innovation award of the prestigious magazine TIMES . Are you running out of ideas on Android?

It is defined as fashion to taste, custom or use of a group, a period of time or a specific place , and in recent times it was clear that the phablets, infinite screens and the ratio 18: 9 were trend. But in the midst of those times, Apple and its iPhone X and break the market with a design that awoke mockery and criticism: nobody wanted an eyebrow at the top of the screen, hindering the viewing .

It is true that behind that eyebrow is hidden the TrueDepth camera, true revolutionary and differentiating element ... but most manufacturers have seemed content to imitate the aesthetic, because any resemblance to the Face ID is pure chance. Even the innovative Intelligent Scan of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is not up to scratch .

We insisted: it was up to a certain point that little-known brands like Doogee or Leagoo did, but the surprise comes when the Huawei P20 or one of the true winners of the MWC 2018, the Asus ZenFone 5 are so similar, because it already makes you think. In fact, during the presentation of Asus lived something as absurd as boasting that his notch was smaller . WTF!

If the size of the notch were to guarantee success, the Essential Phone would be more popular than it is. But back to the ZenPhone 5: its front is very similar to the iPhone X, what happens if we turn it around? What exactly happens the same: double vertical camera in the upper left corner. You might think that having had months of margin and feedback from iOS users, Asus could have improved the weak points of the iPhone X , like protecting their lenses, but not even that.

Yes, it has fingerprint sensor and USB-C port, but maybe it's too similar to have its own essence. Why buy the Asus Zenfone 5 and not the iPhone X? For the price? In a society like ours, that sounds a lot like "I want and I can not" . A wannabe.

It is not an exception. The filtered photos of other brands leave no doubt: OnePlus 6 , LG G7 or Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will also take the iPhone X as a reference.

It is fair to note that in the midst of this trend "notchizadora", Kaz Tajima, the head of the area of ​​design of Sony has ensured for The Sun that the design of the iPhone X is not good, wielding compelling reasons . So for the moment the Japanese will not adopt the notch. By the way, even brands like Sony or Nokia have decided to remove the jack connection two years after Apple did. For better or for worse, they surrender to evidence that Apple started and for which it was severely criticized.

So aside from Sony or Nokia, which are not known precisely for implementing innovative designs, the only big brand that stands out from the notch is precisely the great rival of Apple: Samsung and its impressive Galaxy S9.

Buy yourself an iPhone X

Despite integrating infinite screens and move in a certain range of dimensions, there are millions of ways to design a rectangle of metal and glass playing with the manageability, functions and aesthetics ... but it seems that Android costs to give that extra creativity . We often underestimate the i + D + I department, but this is one of the results.

We have said before: regardless of the price, what advantages do these alternatives offer for these brands? Who is going to buy a mobile that is theoretically a top of the range but has been born without personality? Nobody wants an imitation . Nobody wants to be second.

I have it clear: every time I see an Android phone that is inspired by the iPhone X I am seeing sub-publicity that tells me "run, buy an iPhone X" . 

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