Thursday, 15 March 2018

Apple confirms (unintentionally) your worst nightmare: there will be no iPhone SE 2

 Something is moving in the Cupertino barracks . Yesterday Apple formalized the dates of the World Developers Conference of 2018 scheduled for June and as is tradition, the media began to speculate on what the bitten apple will present.

At the moment all the pools have 5 clear launches at WWDC 2018 . At about the same time, a leak from the Taiwanese newspaper Economic Daily News referred to several of these devices, but almost as important as the rumors about what will be presented is knowing what will not come to light .

And it is that the Asian medium insisted that no phone will be presented in June , if we add to this that we are in mid-March and there is no news of spring keynote in sight, it is quite clear that the iPhone of 2018 will be 3 and all of them will be released to the world in the September keynote.

What does this mean? That there is no glimpse of iPhone SE 2 on the horizon . Apple is a signature of traditions, so we were clear that, repeating modus operandi, the second generation of the iPhone SE - if there was one - would take place in March, as it happened in 2016. And if not, it would be in June. Neither one thing nor the other because there will be no iPhone SE 2 .

Mind you, this does not mean there is no "low cost" phone . It seems that Apple plans to take out an iPhone Xs that follows the trail of the original iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus premium for the most demanding and a low cost iPhone with the design of the iPhone X and some of its features, but cheaper. Yes, as cheap as you can expect from an Apple phone.

So it's not so much a matter of launching an affordable iPhone, but simply that the design cycle of the iPhone SE is over, so the next "economical" iPhone will have nothing to do with the essence of the Special Edition, hence neither Do not even share the name. The iPhone X has changed everything . 

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