Apple could add Force Touch to the volume buttons on your iPhone -


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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Apple could add Force Touch to the volume buttons on your iPhone

The company of the bitten apple is characterized, among many other things, by trying to develop technologies that can be applied in the future and that facilitate the user's experience with their device . Any element found in any of them, such as the touch screen or Siri itself, are the result of years of work.

And one of its elements is known as Force Touch, the technology by which we can do different degrees of pressure on the screen to perform certain tasks, such as opening a link on a web page on a separate screen, to show new options in Safari browser, or delete your junk mail .

And this is the new patent registered by Apple, and that takes the number 20180083620, which would try to incorporate the Force Touch system, or 3D Touch, to be able to do without physical buttons on the devices . As you can see in the image, the expression of the button would be reduced to the minimum and would be directly coupled to the processor to record the pulsations.

As expressed in Patently Apple, " the new switches and buttons can be in line with the body of the device or slightly raised and offer greater control through tactile force controls ". Therefore, the devices would gain aesthetically by having virtually minimal buttons , or directly lack them.

Although the patent talks about the iPad as a receiving element of this invention, it could also be extrapolated to the iPhone and Apple Watch , which could see the current crown removed by a much more discreet and that could incorporate this technology.

The doubt would remain to know if this type of tickets would be compatible with the covers as we know them, since it seems that it would not be possible to enjoy a device with this type of button if it had a protective element incorporated.

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