Saturday, 10 March 2018

Apple devastates AirPods, but fails with HomePod

That Apple sweeps sales in all its products is something that even the staunchest detractor of the brand knows. Naturally, your Bluetooth speakers and headphones, the HomePod and the AirPod, have not been an exception.

Recently, Blayne Curtis, an analyst at Barclays, was meeting in Asia for a week with several Apple suppliers to get an idea of how the sales of their latest products had gone , as well as to conduct research on some of the star releases of the company. the brand of the bitten apple.
The era of Bluetooth in music

the fact that Apple eliminated the 3.5mm port to connect the iPhone's headphones surprised many , despite having revealed a masterful move that has ended up emulating the vast majority of companies .

Many buyers turned their eyes to see the options that could be compatible with their new devices, and AirPods were then erected as a simple, elegant and really practical alternative .

So much so that stock problems since its departure caused many buyers to be left without them for weeks, until months later this situation has been resolved gradually. The problem of stock may be due to two factors : either the high demand that has this type of device, or to have had a problem during its production. In the worst case, it could be a combination of both assumptions.

While the AirPods have been an unprecedented success, it seems that the results of HomePod have been more discreet . We can not forget that it is a product splashed by a design problem that makes it stain furniture , and the publicity of this problem can also curb potential buyers.

Apple has not given figures about how many of its smart speakers have sold, but according to the information we found, sales were estimated between 6 and 7 million units , an obviously too optimistic forecast. In any case, we should not think that despite not meeting expectations has been a failure, because probably any other company would be more than happy with the sales that Cupertino speakers have had.

In any case, what we are sure of is that the company of the bitten apple is not doing too badly: Tim Cook said that the company's total revenue for portable devices is increasing at a rate of almost 70% per year .

The news that await us

Apple is preparing interesting news related to its new gadgets, and is that, presumably, the next generation of AirPods will have new features such as invoking Siri through our voice or use them to swim, which would make them the best friend of the new Apple Watch Series 3 .

Likewise, they also affirm that a new generation of HomePod of reduced size is to come, also lowering the price sensibly until little more than 150 Euros approximately. As it seems, making a family of speakers similar to Echo Amazon goes through Apple's plans.

To finish, we could not stop talking about the iPhone . It seems that the rumors of a new iPhone X larger are confirmed, as expected, in addition to a new format of lower price as at the time was the 5c.

This would be slightly below in features , with less RAM memory -3 GB instead of 4-, a single-lens rear camera and an LCD screen instead of an OLED panel.

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