Apple does not want surprises: the 2018 iPhone baked! -


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Friday, 23 March 2018

Apple does not want surprises: the 2018 iPhone baked!

Apple does not want to be caught by the bull as in 2017. Do you remember the famous production problems faced by the iPhone X ? One of the causes was the complex TrueDepth system, which made that after the presentation of September 12 we had to wait until November 3 to see it in stores.

And not only that, in addition to these production problems there have been sales. The expectations that Apple had at the time of selling both the flagship and the series 8 have not been met . And it is for this reason that Apple is going to start up as soon as possible so that this year does not happen as with the previous one .

The well-known analyst of KHI Securities, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that the bottleneck, or jamming of the production in the iPhone X, occurred because it could not increase the production of the sensors involved in facial recognition , which allows the device can be unlocked or make payments thanks to Apple Pay. And it is that the iPhone X beats to game to the bet of Samsung, the Galaxy S9 and S9 +, that only allows a recognition 2D .

The production problems were reduced at the end of October, which meant that a delay of up to 6 weeks had already accumulated for the launch day . And is that in Cupertino want to stand up to the rest of manufacturers, and advance the production of its more than presumable iPhone trio for this year , we remember that there would be two OLED models, one LCD and the sizes would be different, from 5.8 to 6 ,5 inches.

It will be a mystery to clear, although it is taken for granted that with this phone trident there would be no problems of production or sales, since at least the 6.1-inch device will be significantly cheaper than the rest.

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