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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Apple has the best reason for you to run away from Android: money

The devices that we can find in an Apple Store are not exactly economical . The ceiling is in the 1329 euros of an iPhone X of 256 Gb of capacity, and the ground we find it with the iPhone SE of 32GB, that leaves by 419 euros in any establishment of the Californian mark.

The good thing about an iPhone is its lower depreciation when it comes to selling it. In the second-hand market they are quoted quite well , and the curve of loss of values ​​less pronounced than in devices of another type. For that reason, if you try iPhone and you like it, it is very difficult to get out of that ecosystem.

Although there are people who distrust at the time of getting into the market of the sale, do not want to have the headaches when it comes to selling , coupled with many times it is a hassle to have to deal with buyers who want to haggle the price or put draconian conditions. Someday I will tell when a buyer, back in 2013, wanted to change an iPhone 5s sealed by a dog .

Apple offers a program to renew your iPhone. If you want to buy a new model, they buy your current one and discount the price to the new one according to a table . True, they do not pay too much, but you will not find the problem of someone changing you for a canid (they also offered me a mountain bike).

Undoubtedly it is an incentive and a way to get a succulent discount . But that's not all, if in addition to your old iPhone you deliver an Android device, there is an additional discount of 50 euros, which makes it more attractive.

How much will they lower me?

Accepted from the iPhone 5, a model that goes way of 6 years . The most recent model is any of the series 7, which was released in 2016.
  • iPhone 7 Plus 335 €
  • iPhone 7 290 €
  • iPhone 6s Plus € 185
  • iPhone 6s 155 €
  • iPhone 6 Plus € 150
  • iPhone 6 € 125
  • iPhone SE € 130
  • iPhone 5s 55 €
  • iPhone 5c € 30
  • iPhone 5 € 35
How can I opt for these discounts?

Very simple, approaching with the device to an Apple Store , which will automatically lower the price on the new iPhone, or do it electronically by filling out a form . A courier will pick you up at home and you will receive the voucher by e-mail .

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