Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Apple has two problems with sales of the iPhone X

The iPhone X is, without a doubt, the phone of the moment . He did not need to attend the MWC 2018 in Barcelona to raze his prizes as the most innovative device, an award for which he was also awarded by the magazine TIMES at the end of 2017 .

After years stagnated in a consolidated but conservative design, Apple surprised changing the proportions of its flagship, getting rid of the Home button, changing the LCD for the OLED and above all with its controversial notch, which was worth criticism at the time, but judging by what is being imitated, has managed to impose itself as a trend , not only in design, but also in its functionality. And is that the TrueDepth camera makes the difference with the rest thanks to getting rid of the Touch ID, replacing it with a facial recognition that today still does not have a solid replica in the market .

But not only it is imitated between the Android manufacturers, it is known that Apple will implement the same design in the iPhone models of 2018 and predictably in 2019 will also do so, with certain improvements.

However, although Apple is making more money than ever , it has also sold fewer terminals. Obviously the reason is that it has increased the unit price. But selling less terminals than expected is not pleasant news for Cupertino , who hopes to be on the verge of a new sales supercycle.

If the iPhone X is as wonderful as it seems , why does it sell less? Michael Olson, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, explains it in a study after conducting a survey among 1,500 people who owned an iPhone. Why do you think it will be?

Why are less iPhone X sold than expected? 

Among the respondents, an overwhelming 44% answered that they did not renew their iPhone simply and simply because their current mobile works well . Something that should congratulate Apple enough. In fact, a recent study revealed that a device of the bitten apple lasts, on average, more than 4 years . So investing in Apple is a good idea for the future.

However, 31% claimed that they had not renewed their iPhone because the iPhone X is too expensive . A scant 8% said they did not acquire an iPhone X because its screen was not big enough, something that could be solved with the more than possible launch this September of the iPhone X Plus, of which certain specifications are already known .

In the Olson study, which we can read in Apple 3.0 , you can read:

    Considering that Apple will face these two problems this fall when it re-launches iPhone, we believe that they are in a position to affirm that Apple is facing a new sales supercycle that will make users jump Generation X for several years 

In short, Apple already knows all this and that's why it will launch three phones this year : a low cost iPhone, the iPhone X Plus for lovers of phablets and the iPhone Xs - although we still do not know the official names - that will meet the expectations and needs of their current customers, causing them to update their phones . 

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