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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Apple is for everyone: ask Unicode emojis of people with disabilities

We have emojis of everything that we can think of: of water pistols, of sevillanas, of happy families ... Even of a poop! But nevertheless, there are no emoticons of people with disabilities . They are there, we cross them daily on the street, they are part of our life, but they seem to be invisible.

Apple has wanted to make these groups visible, a curious and effective idea has come to mind: Why not ask Unicode some emojis of people with disabilities ? In this regard, the apple company has commented the following: "Apple requests the incorporation of emojis to better represent people with disabilities. Currently, emoji offer a wide range of options, but they may not represent the experiences of people with disabilities . "

Among the new emoji we can find guide dogs, hearing aids, mechanical arms and legs, people in wheelchairs ... In short, people who until now could not be reflected in something as simple as an emoticon.

    Apple: "It is possible that the experiences of people with disabilities are not being represented"

Keep in mind that although there are applications designed to make life easier for people with disabilities, the reality is that someone is not able to understand what is a disability until you have it in your life, that is why It is a great idea to give them the visibility that they need after all to make their situation normalize.

It should be noted that it is not the only inclusive gesture that Apple has made, but in fact, it has been the company that has done the most to normalize the diversity that, after all, society is composed of . Emojis that now seem as normal as those representing diverse families or the LGBT flag itself were not a reality until a little over a year ago, and less time still makes redheads already have their own emoji .

It is expected that, if approved by Unicode, these emoji are ready for the first half of 2019 . Meanwhile, you can go see the new emojis will reach our screens very soon. 

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