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Friday, 30 March 2018

Apple is not Facebook: maximum privacy for the personal data of its users

Remember how last week saw a scandal of epic proportions with Facebook, is more serious than initially thought: not through Cambridge Analityca collected the data of millions of profiles on Facebook to bombard them with advertising referred to to the republican party, before the 2016 US elections, but Facebook also knew and was part of its strategy to grow, as explained in Urban Tecno .

In Cupertino they do not want anything similar to splash on them , they want their system to be the safest and you can have more options when it comes to handling your data. We have met through Rene Ritchie, an analyst who also writes in the medium iMore , that a regulation of privacy options is being prepared. These options would be available from next May 25 , and would introduce some icons by which you are asked to make use of the data.

This will be Apple's new Data and Privacy policy

This new feature will be available in iOS 11.3 , introduced yesterday, and later operating systems. Interestingly, it will be first available for the countries of the European Union and would consist of 4 new tools.

    Get a copy of your data.
    Have access to them to correct them.
    Deactivate your account
    Delete your account

Also, Apple is committed to

    Minimize data collection to what is strictly necessary.
    Provide transparency in data control .
    Save data locally and not on servers, something especially important since Apple migrated its servers to China , a country known for its censorship.
    Keep the data encrypted for greater security and protection.

With all this, Apple intends to anticipate possible lawsuits. Facebook is in the pillory for matters related to privacy, in fact Marck Zuckerberg will appear in the United States Congress , but not before the British Parliament, although he has offered an apology to the inhabitants of the islands.

Apple, in addition to curing itself in health in the future, seems to be reaffirming its commitment to the data it handles from millions of users , offering transparency to device owners, maintaining security and encryption, as well as giving priority to your data. device above what is saved in iCloud. 

Do you think that Apple has seen the ears of the wolf? Do you think your data is treated with zeal by Californians?

Via | Rene Ritchie 

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