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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Apple launches an advertisement about recycling that is pure garbage

Although the iPhone is one of the most difficult devices to repair , and of course, to separate in parts to be able to recycle it successfully, Apple still wants us to think that it is totally friendly with the environment.

In this latest announcement launched by the Cupertino, we can see an attempt by the company to make users of other platforms to switch to iPhone, only because it is "more friendly to the environment" than the other devices in the market. However, there is nothing further deviated from reality .

The iPhone is nothing recyclable

Although it is true that for the construction of the iPhone Apple does a great job with the environment, this is not the same when one of these devices reaches its useful life -or is discarded by the user-. In fact it is much easier for an old iPhone to become a piece of trash than something productive, and this is largely because of Apple.

The Cupertino make it very difficult to repair an iPhone device , sometimes even by themselves, which leads them to offer you a totally new phone just to not go through the repair process. In addition, recovering the value of the components of the old terminal is incredibly complicated as well.

An iPhone every year

Recently we saw a wave of articles in which they talked about how Apple tried to buy the most delicate materials such as cobalt directly from the miners . This is one of the most difficult materials to extract from your own devices.

In addition, Apple does everything possible to buy the latest and brand new iPhone they have in their ranks. The batterygate can be seen by many users as an intension of the Cupertino to slow down your old iPhone and have to go to one of their Apple Store to get the model that works best, which, coincidentally, is usually the last.

And there really is no real need to change the iPhone every year as they would have us believe . Therefore, to say that Apple and its products are "friendly with the environment," that is, a nonsense the size of a house.

Apple is doing everything possible to take over the entire smartphone market, and sometimes uses techniques somewhat obscure as with this announcement that they took today.

What do you think about Apple and the way it deals with the environment? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Mashable 

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