Apple launches a funny announcement of the iPhone X and sneaks an iOS 11 bug -


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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Apple launches a funny announcement of the iPhone X and sneaks an iOS 11 bug

If you blink, you lose the real protagonist of Apple's latest ad, which is about the accuracy of the Face ID that integrates the iPhone X: neither more nor less than an iOS 11 bug . And is that the latest operating system for mobile devices of the bitten apple has not been able to give us more headaches in this regard. Fortunately, it is an insignificant bug related to iMessage animations, nothing serious.

But that has been captured in a frame of an advertising campaign that aims to show the world the benefits of facial recognition, gives us a real idea of ​​the level of iOS 11 in terms of things that need to be polished . However, iOS 11 is not what it was and with the imminent iOS 11.3 that Apple will present in its next keynote at the end of March , in Cupertino they intend to solve these little things at a stroke, giving us a good taste of the eleventh mobile software .

    OMG Apple's latest iPhone X includes a shot of the bugged notification bubbles (see thread for explanation)

    Yes, I did file to radar on this months ago. I think it got closed as dupe. I'm way more concerned that this was signed off for the commercial.
    - Benjamin Mayo (@bzamayo) March 16, 2018

Let's go back to the announcement that we show you below. Look, right at the end, an iMessage message appears on the iPhone X screen and how the animation bubble seems to spill out. The editor of 9to5Mac Benjamin Mayo has been commissioned to immortalize the moment, noting that it is incredible that it happened even in the announcement, despite having been reported months before .

In general, the failures in iOS 11 are so common that even a manager said they were going through "a bad time . " Especially flagrant have been those related to performance, calls, etc., which have made others related to the interface remain in the background. However, the iPhone X has a screen ratio so different from its predecessors that it is common to find misalignments in many native apps ... third parties do not talk anymore, that's why Apple has become serious, urging developers to update your apps to optimize them for the iPhone X with deadline the month of April .

The truth be told: the announcement is incredibly fun and evidence once again why facial recognition with Face ID is present and future of smartphones , in fact it is no coincidence that the notch has become a fad and that even archirivals of Samsung need two years of margin to achieve a Face ID as accurate and fast as the iPhone X, so it will not be until the Samsung Galaxy S10 when we see it.

Apple has a serious problem with the frequent bugs of iOS 11 and the user's trust, an intangible that to date was unquestionable. The percentage of installation of iOS 11 is lower than in previous installments, so it is not surprising that for iOS 12 Apple has stopped fascinating news and aims to implement features that promote reliability and performance , delaying others for iOS 13 But to see all this we will have to wait until WWDC 2018 for the month of June .

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