Apple launches iOS 11.3, but you will not be able to install it for now -


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Thursday, 29 March 2018

Apple launches iOS 11.3, but you will not be able to install it for now

The new version of iOS that many of us were waiting for has finally reached Apple devices. This is how many have made it known through networks, although many will ask why you have not received it yet. The truth is that there is a great coincidence among all those who have commented that they have already received the update, and that is that they already have the new iPad . A model that went on sale on Tuesday, and today is ahead of the rest of the Apple catalog.

Apparently, Apple has decided to release this update only for the new iPad on a temporary basis. We assume that it is a special measure , given that this new version will be specifically designed to work with this model and that, therefore, needed it from its very start. For the same reason, we do not expect it to be much delayed in the distribution of other devices, counting the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

For those who walk a little clueless, and do not know what news brings this update, we will make a short summary. The main novelty is that we can finally decide if we want to control the performance of our iPhone's processor in favor of battery health. This happened automatically in previous versions, which caused the so-called "batterygate". In addition, we will be able to take our iMessage chats to iCloud, and we will have access to ARKit 1.5.

With these developments, and with those that will reach Apple TV and Apple Watch thanks to their respective versions of tvOS and watchOS, iOS users could not be more anxious. But the best is to fall, as the next WWDC , where the major updates of operating systems will be presented, will be held in less than three months . There could not be a better time to be an Apple user.

Via | MacRumors 

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