Apple Maps is prepared to compete face to face with Google Maps -


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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Apple Maps is prepared to compete face to face with Google Maps

A few years ago, Apple introduced the world its own alternative to Google Maps, a service that had gone from being a necessary evil for the company, to something that should be avoided at all costs, as happened at the time with the YouTube app . However, the competition was not far behind , and from Google it did not take too long to launch a completely new app so that users do not get left behind , especially because Apple Maps was not an especially competent service.

With the passage of time, Apple Maps has been improving, and there are many users who rely on the Cupertino solution for their travels. But it still has several shortcomings against Google Maps, and it will take some time to resolve them. That does not mean that Apple will be left standing, far from it, in fact, this Reddit post shows that the company is still working to improve its service, and include new features in the future.

These vehicles, which have been moving around the world since 2015, are following their path, approaching smaller and smaller cities to represent every corner of the world with incredible precision. The possibilities that all this information could give Apple are quite broad, but what interests us, is that it will launch a very specific feature: the street view in three dimensions .

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