Apple patents the design of the new? iPhone SE -


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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Apple patents the design of the new? iPhone SE

This March we are waiting for the presentation of the second generation of the iPhone SE, a four-inch terminal that appeared in March 2016 and was launched almost by surprise.  There is no doubt that it has had a great acceptance by the public and also by the specialized critics.

 And between one of the most important unknowns is whether Apple was going to apply a new design or finally was to remain conservative in terms of the aesthetic aspect.  Today has been published the concession to the Cupertino company the design patent for this second generation device , and as we can see in the illustration, already gives us clues that the appearance will be similar to the first .  That could indicate that the changes are inside.  Do we discard screen edge to edge and include wireless charging?

And this patent does not come alone, without accompanied by 40 more that affect a wide range of devices.  Perhaps the most notorious is that which has been granted to AirPods 2 , remember that these wireless headphones launched in 2016 have been a real bombshell for the Californian company, despite the availability problems suffered for more than half a year. 

 And is that as we have learned these new AirPods will come with a much improved audio quality, also the transmission of the voice will be more effective because it will apply a noise cancellation system , which among other things it will help that on windy days the built-in microphones will capture as little noise as possible. 

 This news we have met a day after knowing that Apple wants to launch for the last quarter of this year 2018 high-end headset headphones , with a new ANC system and whose price could be around 300 euros . 

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