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Saturday, 17 March 2018

Apple sends invitations for an event on March 27 ... keynote in sight?

Better late than never. When we had been thinking for a few days that we would have to wait until June 4 to see something new from the bitten apple, Apple has managed to get out of the chair sending invitations for an event that will take place on March 27 in Chicago: Will we see the new iPad Pro? The iPhone SE 2 that we thought was impossible ?

The truth be told: we do not have anything clear, because this event that leaves all the forecast agendas in principle would be focused on the field of education . And what better gadgets to study than the Macbook Air and the iPad that is so talked about? Some devices for work and study at the best price.

According to the invitation, this call promises creative new ideas for students and teachers ... of course it could well be new software, platforms or services, but we also know that there are some devices that theoretically would have all the ballots to be presented in a theoretical March keynote .

At the moment we know with certainty that iOS 11.3 will come to light this month , but in this hypothetical keynote of March also appear in all the pools an iPad of 11 inches with the design of the iPhone X that was sensed for June, the wireless charger AirPower and perhaps the second generation of the iPhone SE 2 .

An event focused on education, with surprises?

Of course, we must be very cautious, because Apple is usually a firm of customs, and that this event does not take place at the Steve Jobs Theater and not even in California, but in a Chicago institute may be able to throw all our illusions to the ground . At the end of the day this site would not have the necessary infrastructure for an event of these characteristics . But the specialist Guilerme Rambo already anticipated it weeks ago:

    It's March, it's Apple event month! We'll probably see an education-focused event with new iPads, the new Classwork app and possibly a new iPhone SE.
    - Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) March 1, 2018

But Apple likes surprises , so its "One more thing" is already mythical, which is why you should not rule out anything. After all, it sometimes gives less importance than it should to certain gadgets. Apple does not usually leave anything to chance, so it gives us what to think the logo of this event, traced with a pencil that could well be the Apple Pencil of a new iPad.

Anyway, this Apple event on March 27 in Chicago is our last chance to see a new gadget before WWDC 2018, where it is speculated that there will be up to 5 presentations , in case we do not see them in two weeks.

Via | Cult of Mac 

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