Apple wants to create a new logo as iconic as the bitten apple -


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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Apple wants to create a new logo as iconic as the bitten apple

Apple uses a series of concentric circles to represent its new campus, and apparently, it is now looking for a new brand for the Apple Park logo .

The company of the bitten apple sells all kinds of products such as backpacks and T-shirts that carry the iconic logo in the visitor center of the Apple Park . And now, they want to give a touch to the design of their logo to enhance merchandising.

Since Patently Apple have discovered that Apple wants to design a new crazy with concentric circles especially for its Apple Park. This is the phrase that defines your request:

    "The brand consists of the design of concentric circles on a design of an apple with a bite and the word Park."

More details about the new Apple logo

This new patent from Apple has been requested in the first instance in Jamaica , through a mechanism that the company uses frequently to establish an order before starting future plans.

These are some details that Apple has included in its publication on the logo that it will include in its articles. Undoubtedly, it offers some very interesting clues about the marketing plans they have for the Apple Park.

" 035: retail store services; product demonstrations provided in store, organization and management of business and commercial conferences, shows and exhibitions. 041: education services, classes, lessons, workshops and seminars in the field of computers, computer programs, online services, information technology, design of Internet websites, music, photography and video products and consumer electronic products ; Education services such as organization of professional workshops and training courses; computer education training services; training in the use and operation of computers, software and consumer electronics; organize, direct and present concerts, live performances and special entertainment events; doing guided tours. 043: restaurant services. "

In addition to creating a new logo for shirts, hats, hats or other items , it seems that Apple has many future plans for Apple Park. What do you think about it? Are you thinking about visiting the campus?

Via | 9to5mac 

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