Apple wants to use its revolutionary metallic crystal on your iPhone -


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Friday, 23 March 2018

Apple wants to use its revolutionary metallic crystal on your iPhone

On the screens that Apple rides on iPhones we have had a lot of news lately. From the OLED of the iPhone X and that are manufactured by Samsung, to the next generations of microLED that are in development , going through the distribution of the cake between LG Display and other manufacturers.

And what about the patents, which seem to emerge as flowers . Apple surprises us with Watch straps capable of much, projects of augmented reality glasses that would take us almost to another dimension or the design of the iPhone SE 2, of which there have been no significant movements in a few days.

The last thing we have news is the acquisition by the company of the most famous apple of a technology developed by a company called Glassimetal Technology and located in the state of California. It is a metallic crystal technology in liquid state , it seems science fiction so said, and that could be implemented in the face of future developments .

And we would not only be talking about our favorite phone, the iPhone. This kind of metal crystals would have a place in any type of device that had a screen , so we would talk about fixed and portable computers, an iPad, an Apple Watch or even an electronic book reader, if Apple decided to embark on that project .

The truth is that although this patent does not stop being something on paper, its study and development could favor that in the future the devices that incorporate panels with a degree of strength and hardness superior to what can be achieved today . Metals such as manganese, niobium and tantalum would be chosen to provide the right level of firmness.

In short, in Cupertino always want to go a point beyond their rivals , and although Apple has never made screens, may now want to take the initiative in this regard.

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