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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Apple Watch 4: much more screen and battery

We still have not finished assimilating the greatness of the Apple Watch Series 3 , which incorporates a good update in terms of its internal characteristics, when we have to echo an interesting a priori rumor and that would have to do with the series 4 that is I would be preparing for the end of summer.

The most desired smartwatch in the market has taken a new momentum with its latest update , although the design is being maintained almost unchanged since it left there in the spring of 2015.

And the designer Ben Geskin , famous for his predictions, often failed, has shared a supposed information of KGI Securities , by which the next smart watch that launches the company of the bitten apple will have not only internal changes, but also external .

    KGI: NEW Apple Watch models coming later this fall with new design, ~ 15% bigger display, enhanced health monitoring and longer battery life.
    - Ben Geskin (@ VenyaGeskin1) March 27, 2018

And these improvements would refer to a display or screen around 15 percent greater , which would also entail an improved battery that would give more autonomy, and as regards the internal changes, new improved health monitoring options would come.

There is also the possibility that the screen takes a round shape , in fact it would not be the first smart watch with this design, and in addition to this there could be some smart straps that would give the device more functionalities. With this type of bands one could monitor some type of parameter such as blood glucose level .

In the same way it is not unreasonable to think that Apple's next generation of smart watches has some type of camera built in to make video calls through FaceTime, which would make sense since the current Series 3 supports LTE calls, although it is only available this option in some countries.

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