Apple Watch sweeps: sells more than the rest of wearables -


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Saturday, 3 March 2018

Apple Watch sweeps: sells more than the rest of wearables

It is no surprise what we are going to tell you today, in fact, we have already been anticipating you all this time, and it seems that now it has finally become official. At least, according to analysts. And, today, IDC has provided figures that would correspond to the last quarter of 2017 , in which Apple has placed above its competitors with a significant difference. Not even Fitbit with his Ionic , has managed to take the first place to Cupertino.

Of course, we have to remember that all the data published about Apple Watch sales are based on speculation, given that Apple does not share the figures of its accessories. But that also does not mean that the data of IDC are not reliable, in fact, they are not usually too far from reality in other fields, so there is no reason not to believe in their estimates. However painful they are for their competitors.

The Apple Watch, counting all the models that were on sale from October to December 2017, would have achieved some 8 million units sold , with a market share of approximately 27%. In second place, we find Fitbit, which has achieved the figure of 5.4 million units sold, above Xiaomi, with 4.9 million. As you can see, it is increasingly clear that the Apple watch is usually the first choice for buyers .

The reasons why this watch has triumphed are different for each user, however, I personally believe that it still has a long way to go to solve the reasons why so many do not buy it. Especially if we talk about reaching the same level of resistance as traditional watches, something that still fails to Apple Watch almost three years after its original release.

And you, have you bought an Apple Watch in recent months?

Source | MacRumors 

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